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On the Eleven

Poems by me Starting way back in Nov 2011 When Serendipity came to play I faced the darkest day of my soul, my fears, my worries I tested my all I released myself from bondage from a controlled atmosphere I didn’t know how or where to start, but I took the plunge with love...
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Thievery & Chivalry

Thievery & Chivalry

Angel guidance Two themes, two Archetypes; which way? Thievery vs. Chivalry I saw them both. One like a snake slithered into my pockets with a sweet smile and a black heart, hiding in an innocent frame changing into a man with no shame. It broke my heart that a person became so...
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Review & Renew

animal connections Review & Renew I saw a Mocking Bird upon starting my day. He stood firmly guarded, his tail straight up Precocious and powerful to his own way. I smiled that such a little thing show such a prominent display. I turned the corner as I drove away, but his stance in...
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