Uncategorized I think it started on 8/7/2013. My right eye had two rings of two different colors blocking my ability to see as if I had stared at the sun for too long except… this lasted for 3 weeks. I was scared I would go blind but I was forwarned by my son who spoke about...
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Off the hinge

Uncategorized A friend said to me “I’m not happy right now,” Referring to a time when they worked independently and spoke of that period of their life with fondness. I was puzzled because what I remembered was someone struggling mentally, financially and...
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Bye Facehook!

Bye Facehook!

truth I listened to a lecture from Michael D’Aleo on “living thinking” how to use all our senses to see/hear/sense others/expanded language in order to find compassion in ourselves to offer to others in changing our preconceptions and I cannot articulate...
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