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Watch Your Tone!

Uncategorized Set the tone (this week’s message) A friend texts me way after midnight upset her date was disappointing, it didn’t end as she had wished. She shared her need to finish the relationship off in her frustration and cut the cord of communication completely...
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Part DUE (update)

Uncategorized  UPDATE  When I stopped writing the last blog as indicated and prayed for healing and assistance for a friend’s son. I called her in the next morning to ask if I could visit the hospital and give him direct touch and prayers.  Not soon after a...
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Chances are like-ly!

Angel guidance It seems the theme ending in September is washing over into October. I’m coming across dreams of the past 1-2 years ago, now appearing to me presently. Before I reminisce of past dreams, I think I should share the whole experience of trusting “I am open to...
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