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Mocking Bird; what are we imitating?

animal connections What are you playing at? I think it’s been since June that the mocking-bird came knocking on my thick skull wanting to communicate its message. I was too immersed in my human desires to experience a new beginning having just moved into a new town full of...
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Goddess Energy

Uncategorized The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Filipepi Known as Botticelli, 1484 – 1485 about, 15th Century I love this masterpiece demonstrating the birth of Venus (Goddess of LOVE). You can see Zephyrus, God of Winds, as he carries with him the gentle breeze...
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You Can’t Fail!

Uncategorized My Day timer reminds me of this day back in 2014: I remember this dream vividly and the miracles that immediately manifested surrounding it.  These were tying times for me. Living off very planned (not nutritious) meals and holding my breath each time the rent...
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You Are The Example

Uncategorized  Simple Definition of: Example• a person or way of behaving that is seen as a model that should be followed or not followed.• someone or something that is mentioned to help explain what you are saying or to show that a general statement is true.• something or...
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