Prayer: A solemn request

“If you only pray when you’re in trouble, you’re in trouble.” Anonymous I was doing busying work on a Saturday morning on September ... read more

Before we begin or give in…plan for hope!

Before we begin or give in…plan for hope!

Okay I know I promised my next blog would be “sermonizing in Sections” a diary view of thoughts using the 7th seal/7 ... read more

Surmising in Sections

I believe we all have this innate knowledge we’ve collected that selectively “pops” into your mind like ideas, ... read more

The Alchem-in-the Midst Part 2

The Alchem-in-the Midst Part 1

The Alchem-in-the Midst Part 1

February 11th: I had a dream come to mind at work here’s the dream recall: I’m Not Ready! Dream I’m late for work and read more

Head or Tales?

I don’t wish to be young again in age (I’ll take the health/body though) actually youth was a lot of busying without much ... read more

She used to be mine(d)

She Used to Be Mine Sara Bareilles It’s not simple to sayThat most days I don’t recognize meThat these shoes and this apron read more

Weather you Believe it or Not!

Oh you know I have so many entries on how Eclipses bring Earthquakes, Volcano’s and unheard of Natural Disasters but why? The ... read more

Like Butter

Imagine a freshly made bread loaf pulled from the oven. It’s aroma’s captures your senses and your hunger pulls you to many read more

A Blue Bird Promise

A Blue Bird Promise

I’d really like to skip my “fast-paced, suck it up, think fast, be smart, OMG, hold firm and true” life marathon; but read more

Blood Moon Eclipsed (Sudden Changes)

The Blood Moon Eclipse was struck by debris and because it was dark we were able to view this collision. I seem to notice the ... read more

The Upside

HANGED MAN TAROT CARD MEANINGS AND DESCRIPTIONThe Hanged Man shows a man suspended from a T-shaped cross made of living wood. He is ... read more

Sweet Whine

We’ve been stuck in a small space all week from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. I had to ask for “quiet” multiple ... read more


I think it started on 8/7/2013. My right eye had two rings of two different colors blocking my ability to see as if I had stared at the read more

Dreaming Propositions 1111 (with updates)

This past weekend brought many vivid dreams the kind you totally remember in it's entirely or in parts; but ... read more

Off the hinge

A friend said to me “I’m not happy right now,” Referring to a time when they worked independently and spoke of that ... read more

No Reel, Just Real.

We have to be brave enough to be real. We need to love ourselves for who and what we are and not for what is trendy, but worthy of ... read more

Essence of Love (poem)

Essence of Love Can you love me with all of your being? Have you ever sought to offer more? I don’t mean in the material display ... read more

Bye Facehook!

Bye Facehook!

I listened to a lecture from Michael D’Aleo on “living thinking” how to use all our senses to see/hear/sense ... read more

I’m Shrinking!

In writing, I openly release unscripted. In reading, I comprehend unedited. In observation, I sense, intuit and feel what has or needs ... read more

For Keepsake!

I remember a year after my father died my husband at the time, asked if he could throw away an empty figurine candy container he knew ... read more

Piñata Party

Let’s break out of here!  I received word that a friend’s son couldn’t stop vomiting. Their close friend and luckily ... read more

When it enters

What it can do when it enters you It moves mountains that once blocked you It brings you up or it can bring you down (it allows you to ... read more

Raising the Bar

Bourbon is ridiculously caustic to health but here I was drinking in sips like I was from the deep south. “Honey Bourbon Badger ... read more

Triple Earth

I’m not going to talk about the planetary changes that are piling up this week and in my triple earth sign and how crazy powerful read more


“Click your heels together three times and say ‘there’s no place like home’ and you’ll be there.” ... read more

Crystal Clear Connections

“What is thought?  Who exactly conceives the ideas?Do you believe is it your brain…and if so, where does the brain get it ... read more

Second Guess

Second Guess

We can polarize our first thoughts as “hits or misses,” because no one has every absolute answer so what do you rely on? ... read more

Venus Enters Mars

  Venus Enters Mars (Lovers in Mercury) Love is powerful and should never be treated without serious gratitude, consideration or ... read more

When the Saints come marching in!

March 3, 2012 I woke up on this day to the sound of my 6-year-old son singing “the world as I see it, is a remarkable ... read more

Cancer California

California once known for its gold; will be known for Thyroid Cancer and a lost city once known as San Diego. Am I being dramatic? Am I read more

Good Mourning (realizing & releasing the ego)!

Good Mourning (realizing & releasing the ego)!

When did you Awaken? When did you see, feel and hear that life was more than about yourself? When did you see the soul before the ego? ... read more

On the Eleven

Starting way back in Nov 2011 When Serendipity came to play I faced the darkest day of my soul, my fears, my worries I tested my all I ... read more

Sunny Side up or Scrambled?

Sunny Side up or Scrambled?

Note: I posted this as “Private” days ago hoping it would only go to subscribers, but I was just told it was never sent; so read more

Preparing -A Friend’s Dream

I remember last year feeling impending doom of 2017 to come as challenging as 2016 was personally for me it was better than the boils ... read more

Phenomenon or Pareidolia

I sat down and took in the view. It didn’t take long for my spirit to connect with nature all around me I looked over at my ... read more

A Big heart and a little love can heal

http:/ Came true! — Erica Sussette (@BellaMarLuna) October 6, 2017 “A mother’s love cannot be measured, but may be seen in ... read more


Can Sonic Geometry provide healing? It’s almost funny that I attended anything that would be heavy in math configurations! I went read more

Watch Your Tone!

Set the tone (this week’s message) A friend texts me way after midnight upset her date was disappointing, it didn’t end as ... read more

Part DUE (update)

When I stopped writing the last blog as indicated and prayed for healing and assistance for a friend’s son. I called her in the ... read more

To Due List!

“We’ve been shaken in our hearts and like salt and pepper used on a windy picnic day, we seem to be missing the mark on how read more

Chances are like-ly!

It seems the theme ending in September is washing over into October. I’m coming across dreams of the past 1-2 years ago, now ... read more

Open Opportunity

PEACOCK DREAM: I feel for the Asian tourists taunted by Americans when they visit Disneyland (a dream come true vacation for them from ... read more

Wish, Dream & Pray

I wish I dream I pray for the world: That the love I hold may continue to sustain When fear or pain from others forces my impulse When ... read more

Thievery & Chivalry

Thievery & Chivalry

Two themes, two Archetypes; which way? Thievery vs. Chivalry I saw them both. One like a snake slithered into my pockets with a sweet ... read more


I spent my day with my friend we spoke of weird correlations recently experienced but can’t explain, she told me to watch the ... read more

Review & Renew

Review & Renew I saw a Mocking Bird upon starting my day. He stood firmly guarded, his tail straight up Precocious and powerful to ... read more

Evocation No.1

Evocation A stroke along your center like a lover wishing you good morning; after a long good night You mind suspends, your heart races read more

Mocking Bird; what are we imitating?

What are you playing at? I think it’s been since June that the mocking-bird came knocking on my thick skull wanting to ... read more

Fours Years Ago . . .

I started this blog on the 4th of July, deeming my independence to seek while I speak my own truths. I’ve never told my friends ... read more

CROW Knows

CROW Knows

  I’m not well versed in the crow medicine/knowledge (that’s my best friend’s totem) and not because I don’t ... read more

Waterways (short stories following my last blog)

Waterways (short stories following my last blog)

Life has been so quick.  Like an undertow in a riverbed; I almost drowned, and I was lost yet carried to the waterfall drop of ... read more

I Deserve an Ocean View!

What in the heck is all this male anger and angst this week; April Fools is OVER! Working around children I can see the larger patterns read more

I Deserve an Ocean View!

I Deserve an Ocean View!

What in the heck is all this male anger and angst this week; April Fools is ... read more

Amethyst the Alchemist

Amethyst the Alchemist

Amethyst SONG by Jonny Oil by Jonny (there will be blood album)   I had a dream of Amethyst waves I was in a room full of men and very ... read more

This Land is Sacred

You’ve gone too far! Wed. 3/8/2017 by Erica Sussette You’ve gone too far … to cut me from the views that are ... read more

Tap into the Power of the Pipes

The state named after our first leader known for honesty, piety, and physical strength, and the only founding father to free his ... read more


I can kiss myself from the inside and bloom my heart from within the petals fall from my opened eyes & full smile I can clearly see read more

Pushing Past Obscurity

Pushing Past Obscurity

e·clipse əˈklips/ obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or ... read more

She Gone

“She gone.” I said in a statement of slangI’m not looking backI’ve no need to mourn or scornto hate or feel ... read more

I can’t Bear it tonight!

I can’t Bear it tonight!

There is something unique about tonight. Call it the new moon blues or a conscious shift in perception but never had the words   ... read more

Hail Women full of grace

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.Blessed art thou amongst women . . . I didn’t attend the Women’s March, and read more

Bounty . . .the quick pick me up first!

Bounty . . .the quick pick me up first!

from Bounty’s commercial “accidents happen” Life doesn’t always seem bountiful;  but we don’t have ... read more

The Winged Messenger

The Winged Messenger

The hawk has been the messenger to man for many centuries.  I think I have one “assigned” to me or at least he seems ... read more

He’s gonna be somewhat like me. . .

He’s gonna be different so I can stretchbut generous so I can thriveHe’ll be truly sincere, so that I may flywith no ... read more

The Joy of Humming

The Joy of Humming As the messenger of joy, representing the land and air with its ... read more

Four Winds, Four Dreams FOR Truth

Four Winds, Four Dreams FOR Truth

We are the ones we are waiting for.  AND WE ANSWERED!!! So proud of all the light brought let’s keep cleaning and rectify the ... read more

Loyal Guardian

Loyal Guardian

Rider Waite Deck My girl walked in my room chatting and suddenly stopped speaking. I looked up to see why the sudden silence and she ... read more

Abundance like the full moon; brings many forms of blessings Harvest Moon by Neil Young   a little bit closer Hear what I have to say Just like children ... read more

Judgement – Gabriel’s Horn

Judgement – Gabriel’s Horn

But immediately after the suffering of those days, the sun will darken and the moon will not show its light, and the stars will fall ... read more

Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Roses are pink when you’re thoughtful and sweet! Roses are white when you’re committing to unite for life. Red Roses are ... read more

Field “Tripping!”

I’m hesitant to share my wee adventure. I mean should I just wear a tee shirt that reads “Seems Delusional” with a ... read more

Pray, Peace & Love

Changes are happening You can turn off the tv, but you can’t turn off the antenna  we’re in this together The signs ... read more

555 Change is Needed

We have so many promising young people in this world who have come in the age of technology and are surpassing their innocent timelines read more

Angel Loteria!

Angels are leaving their thumbprints all over the place!  What’s unfair is no matter how much I try to document and share the ... read more

Lady in the Water

When you’ve procrastinated from fears or doubts, finding nobel distractions (work/duty/kids) to keep you from culminating dreams ... read more

Sorrow; what is it?

You can fall to your knees in shock Or, nod in knowing it was approaching  . . .but you’re never prepared for the emotion ... read more

Growth Spurts

It seems my spirit is launching me into a new age, and it’s not just that I will be older in 7 days; but it’s throwing me ... read more

What are you calling in?

“Timing is everything!” they say. If you look at the past you’d agree on things that worked out in the best way! ... read more

The questions run too deep in pink

“Logical Song” When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.And all the ... read more

Love Fear Not!

  I’ve ridden my mind on a stallion at full speed headed in a straight streamlined direction to my intended Love Perhaps I ... read more

The Invitation (a vocal vibration) Requested

  The Invitation by Oriah It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to ... read more

Goddess In Training Part I

The Acceptance of the Initiation It sounds like a scary passage out of the bible when the ‘chosen one’ takes a leap of ... read more

Make A Wish; You Are A Star!

Goddess In Training – Part One Dream Academy  (Know what you’re made of) The dreams you remember. You know. . . the ones ... read more

Goddess Energy

The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Filipepi Known as Botticelli, 1484 – 1485 about, 15th Century I love this masterpiece demonstrating read more

I Never Knew Neutral Was SO POWERFUL!

Have you ever expressed yourself without censorship to what may transpire by you being so boldly truthful? Without intention to punish ... read more

You Can’t Fail!

My Day timer reminds me of this day back in 2014: I remember this dream vividly and the miracles that immediately manifested ... read more

You Are The Example

 Simple Definition of: Example• a person or way of behaving that is seen as a model that should be followed or not followed.• ... read more

Church Under the New Moon

Dream this morning:I dreamed I was in a new town (a small town). I get to my front door and open it and there’s a mass being held read more

A Decree for 2016

I still have 8 written in chalk on each door to welcome the spirit of abundance of higher truth and seeing thru the dark. Today I will ... read more

Gifts of Reason

Arch Angel Michael, one who is as GodWhat have you offered us?I see you kneeling in reverence in carrying this loadI can see the wise ... read more

Oh hell not hazel!

Living life like a butterfly, only stopping for a bit to say helloor dancing with the wind; we might only touch others with our ... read more

Ready or Not, Here Thy Come!

If you had a chance to meet a messenger angel, and you could get a direct answer to one personal question to God but you don’t ... read more

As Above so Below (update)

CIRCULAR FILAMENT ERUPTION and CANYON OF FIRE: For days, astronomers have been monitoring a remarkable circular ... read more

Responsibility vs. Responsive Updated

You can claim  you have a sense of ‘Responsibility’  when you’re being called to do something out of the ... read more

La Luna Eclipse

Luna….‘Why are you on your knees dear child?’“Your image brings me to tears, as if your darkness mirrors our ... read more

Sun Dance

Solar wind flowing from the indicated coronal hole should reach Earth on Sept. 26-27. Credit: SDO/AIA. The Sun Dancer With his hair ... read more


The following was written while under the influence of Mercury retrograde (June 5, 2015) when I tend to get pensive about a single ... read more

Happy Fathers Day

Dear Father(s), To the father who cupped my face in his hand all the time and sang while making meals and loved to party all the time; ... read more

A Mother’s Day Tribute To Grace and Strength

Mother’s Day I adore my mission in raising three, it brings me joy, fear and strength I didn’t know I had in me. To my ... read more

Different Views: All Dependent on You! REVISED 4/28/15

  The Ocean tides describe our lives We may fear the storms, but they are magnificent to see . . . soon after you’ll see why read more

Earth Day Poem

Earth Day (click on “Earth Day” to read Poem posted on Instagram) May you find a way to reach out to her ... read more

Recreation Vacation

A Stirring is in you . . . isn’t it? What is stirring your belly like a drop of sweet milk into your everyday tea? Who is ... read more

World Water Day 2015

World Water Day 2015   I was focused upon the horizon while paddling out to sea, imaging the world without this resource and how much ... read more

Is It Alarming or Have You Just Over Slept?

I have grown accustomed to listening, looking and reading signs, synchronicity, and signals. I feel guidance EVERY day…be it a ... read more

My first Dream Totem was the Snake!

I Don’t like snakes particularly but I do honor them. My mom will tell you the sweet story of when I was two years old walking in read more

Put On Your Cape! The Only Pipes To Be Passed are Peace Not In The Veins Of The Lands & Oceans!

Just received more information on this event and I’ve seen what this planet has given in riches and what it’s done to ... read more

When Mother Sings, Father Sends the Wings!

I stayed up late writing yesterdays blog, I had a need to send it being a special 11/11 day that then rolled into the next ... read more

Mother Sings A Lullaby

Mother Sings A Lullaby . . . and Mother cries for us to get along! Mother offers her body to feed us . . . and mother offers us a place read more

Making Monsters

If you asked a child what a monster is and looks like; they would create a wonderful ridiculous story. If you asked an adult what ... read more

Life’s An Etch A Sketch

How many times does one draw up a beautiful plan or idea and you think you’ve placed it on the higher shelf so it’s safe ... read more

Mood Wink

She winked at me the moon. “How you been?” “Deep in dreaming awake” I said. “I know, your shine ... read more


I’m ready to start anewRebirth, let me take my first steps solidlyMy first breath intentlyMy eyes to open wide to possibilitiesMy read more

Many Moons

  There have been moons that have caused me to cry or yearn for a missing piece. There were times I bathed in it to gain inner ... read more

We Create What We Believe

  I learned yesterday from a friend about a dream she had regarding her deceased mother.  In this lucid dream, she asked her ... read more

Simple Mathematics

  This planet in my personal belief, is comprised by a thought pattern of complex material needs and a need to read more

Certainly Approximately

Where am I headed.  I look to the Sun. To find my place that warms my heart where I may grow my roots, where ... read more

Who do you think you are?

A question or statement?  You may judge of me and that’s your journey to explore…do you think it will bring you to experience ... read more

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