Roses are Red

Roses are Red

Angel guidance Roses are pink when you’re thoughtful and sweet! Roses are white when you’re committing to unite for life. Red Roses are for setting the bed on fire with desires that sparks true love like hot wildfire! -Erica Sussette It’s interesting how we...
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Pray, Peace & Love

Angel guidance Changes are happening You can turn off the tv, but you can’t turn off the antenna  we’re in this together The signs haven’t stopped. They kept popping up at every corner and just today a big truck with plates of 6666 popped up reminding me of the...
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The questions run too deep in pink

Angel guidance “Logical Song”When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.And all the birds in the trees, well they’d be singing so happily,Joyfully, playfully watching me.But then they sent me away to teach me how...
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