I was warned about today (1/6/21)

Angel guidance I saw this in 2016 before I knew who would be president or how he would preside. It was the scariest vision I’ve EVER Had and I’ve seen earthquakes, the elimination of magnetic fields causing planes to fall out of the sky simultaneously and what would be...
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Prayer: A solemn request

Uncategorized dictionary.com “If you only pray when you’re in trouble, you’re in trouble.” Anonymous I was doing busying work on a Saturday morning on September 5th. I miss hiking (my church) with closed parks and heat I relented that I should actually pay attention to the neglect...
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Surmising in Sections

Uncategorized I believe we all have this innate knowledge we’ve collected that selectively “pops” into your mind like ideas, stories, conversations, and books read and learned or experienced that culminates along the way becoming compassionate reasonings from the...
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