Could it be magic?

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I noted on my twitter notebook (I use it for arcane note taking) on June 30th at 12:32 am that I had been stirred awake with the urge to use the restroom. I made my way to the bathroom I heard a song that I didn’t know well but recognized the singer as Barry Manilow. I tried not to think (still half asleep) listening for the chorus or words playing in a loop in my mind to figure out what spirit wanted me to hear.

“Baby I want you now, now, Oh now, now and hold on fast!” I looked up these words and found this song! Needless to say my pillow was soon wet with tears taken by the passion and dramatic piano that just adds to the desire and it cracked me open. I love this video of this woman “feeling it” too that’s exactly what I’m talking about and just like her you need to play it again to keep the it alive before the cynic of the ego destroys the meaning. I play it often now to prime my day and sleep.

The next day (after very little sleep) my co-worker calls me over as I’m humming the song by the way. “Hey Erica you know the guys working on the beams yesterday?” I nodded “well, one of them asked about you.” I try to hide my smile which probably came out as a grimace LOL and I can see he’s trying to get a reading if I’m upset or excited but he keeps on “and asked me who’s the lady in the front office?” I nod again with a perplexed face wondering if this really does pertain to me. So “I asked him which one there’s a couple?’ the guy said “the one that walks like this (he mimics walking) like a really bad “bugs bunny in drag” and of course I slugged him “that’s not me!” He laughs “hey I’m just saying what he said it’s not me describing you, but he said you know the one with curly hair so it has to be you!” I’m giving me an eye roll now and he continues to try to make me blush but I was more amused and seriously intrigued by the connection of the song playing in my mind the night before.

I had a lot of similar connections to dreams that played out in real time last week and just that morning I had a friend come into my mind remembering him crushed by his divorce around the time of mine and I was thinking ‘I hope he’s happy with his girlfriend he’s such a great guy,’ only to find out hours later he proposed to her as my coworker showed me the photo of her shocked in his Instagram; it was priceless. I seem to be in the zone and it’s a wonderful place to be in even when I get the negative news of floods to come it comforts me to know it is all forecasted by a divine plan. Life is a journey to experience and learn so the only mistakes we make are when make it solely about our expressions (hurt people, hurt people) and stick to discomfort because it’s familiar. I’m excited to have this renewed passion a bit of kindling to open up to. We all have been hidden out of view and it’s time to step out of confinement and experience this world with more sweetness in our vulnerability and allow others too.

Come, come into my arms let me know the wonder of all of you.-NOW!

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