Kindness IS A GIFT WITH NO EXPECTATIONS, SO Politeness is?

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Kindness is a human need

Sunshine and water brings us clean air and abundant food

so does kindness bring about plentiful results too.

Just like a seed it must spread in words and gestures to grow wildly and free, just like love it will break down hostilities.

I don’t want to imagine a world without the kindness of strangers

Although we’ve gotten a preview RIGHT NOW!

With everyone so self absorbed the children grow cold from scorn, and they’re torn from how their parents behave vs. their inner soul.

What should we expect from these seedlings in the future? Kindness is the medicine we should show like vitamin C a human needs love and kindness to breathe freely. -ES

Politeness is a COURTESY, not a right!

I came across this video of a man telling people they shouldn’t be too nice. I agreed to most of it because in essence people of low vibes take advantage of it. They just outwardly expect it as if you’re their assistant to their needs. Apparently, it’s only they who are entitled its not reciprocated.

Essentially we need to include boundaries. Politeness should be our number one moral code, but it does not mean I have to give you something because I’m polite.

He spoke about how people would seek his advice on his success and then after spending time with consideration to their questions, in the end they would present the true pretense “well you should buy my product to help with that,” it was using someone’s kindness to manipulate their end goal. They had not considered his kindness of wanting to help, and now he’s scorned making videos advocating “be a Jerk, it works!” it’s a wonderful repellent to people who bug us. Meanwhile someone could’ve taken that precious moment he offered to get out of a hole they were willing to climb out of and considered it a helping hand.

Kindness is offering chances of happiness! That first interview or even the ballgame he was invited to attend might’ve killed his immediate need, but it gave him chances in pursuit of happiness. Don’t disguise kindness in order to gain,that’s manipulation.

Chris Gardner based on his true story of the movie The pursuit of happiness

I’ve recently came to real terms on how someone constantly manipulates my sincerity to gain or control my kindness or empathy. I don’t owe you anything when I offer kindness it’s a free gift of warmth without expectations so don’t expect, just accept the gesture when we feel free/safe to offer it. I don’t have to be polite when I feel threatened or pursued by YOUR desires and you may call me a bitch if I don’t live up to your expectations, but if you did a life review in front of Jesus who’s actually being polite by not engaging in your scheme to manipulate my goodwill.

I have been the recipient of much kindness and sometimes it can actually make us feel unworthy because we can’t give back the way they have shown to us. This is society’s teaching not your soul or God’s wish to have anyone unloved, separated or wounded. Devotion to our brothers or sisters is a way to the light, to shine in us all regardless of status, or sins committed previously. We just need to get beyond practicing kindness and just naturally live it and keep the boundaries you feel safe in as the lessons are for God to create, but you can have a hand in the miracles. Let kindness flow allowing love to show.

Thank you for your kind words and sincerity you’ve shared with me for those I’ve had a chance to review. I hope to make more time.

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