PHENOMENA Puzzle Pieces Part 2 –

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 Gather around the camp fire
Camp Fire Symbol

Man and woman as hunters and gatherers eventually sat around the fire for security

Man and woman once gathered under great sacred stones to listen to the earth

and study the stars in order to hear the voice of the creator
and the natives gathered around the fire as one (to share knowledge and acknowledge spirit in all creations)

Men created churches and temples and gathered on marble steps and studied man’s motive inspired by spirit

and the natives all gathered around the fire as one

People then traveled in pilgrimages to experience the teachings forgotten

and the natives continued to gather around the fire as one (waiting for us to come join as brothers and sisters)

Find your Center!  

KEY WORDS FROM SPIRIT: Cylindrical, Heart, Dog, Center, Bravery, camp fire

Watching this video I would hear “find your center” as the key word. I understand these ancestors gave exact directions in symbols but they like many prophetic visions and dreams interpretation from spirit is vast not as dense as we are in black in white limited understandings (you must be a creative (open minded) to get Creators messages). I can’t help but feel reassured by feeling centered (no left or right). I noticed key words coming from both these videos that have been mentioned around me and anchoring in my core. You can guess by now that “cylindrical” is a huge component word springing up not only in my last blog (Avanyu swallowing it’s own tail) but in Astronomy like this video that I came on while I was napping and words kept tugging me to pay attention  

In fact I was driving to USC with my daughter and her friend and I kept pointing out all these “dog” license plate mentions it was so obvious for me to note them in my mental notes that I then asked her to look up space weather as I had been hearing space noise but to see if it mentioned Sirius the Dog Star (it didn’t but, it did mention Zodiacal Light how Mars aka planet of war has a storm it’s dust gives off this hue).

Hmm we are having a war on our Planet. HOW outrageous it seems to start destruction when we are already dealing with the earth destruction everywhere on the planet.  I know I’m all over the place with this particular blog (probably many lol) and that’s because I’m feeling change in my body (heat/discomfort) and my mind too. I seem to catch intuitive pulls strangely more pronounced (as this example shows) to have me correlate these “notes” to lead me to peek or if anything to get me to pay attention to the undercurrents for whatever reason. I’m exhausted so my thoughts jump across this page it’s just the way it has to be for now until I have less obligations.

So on February 23rd I posted this intuitive Pull. The night before I swear this quarter landed before me as I don’t remember kicking it but it landed with flip on tails (you can read what happened). That video moved me to hear the brave men fighting for MY freedom and I wondered if the same would happen with Ukraine. Would the people push back and make the mighty weak from their sheer will.  I shuddered to think of it why must we have war, it’s hard enough to keep our planet alive. Dammit! Why can’t we start collaborating instead of competing for the unattainable top of the world falsehoods. I would love for all of us to walk around this planet to explore than exploit.  I felt that intuitive hit that his quarter was placed before me to share. It’s up to us to practice holding that heart space in the center not for Ukraine or Russia to win but for the people of the land to find peace and perhaps the people of Russia will show disapproval and humanity love in treason so they be revolutionary in starting peace for the world to learn and witness.  

Tonight I learned of the brave 13 men who gave their life defending the Snake island shouting “Go Fuck Yourself” to Russia as they were shot down and I see this quarter hearing this and it gives me chills. So I ask you not to take sides because all of this is human nonsense but do take a stand for peace and project your heart on light to all of the people to rise up and do the right thing and love thy neighbor. If the wall came down they did so for a reason other than to dominate.

Peace and love so bright May you see each other in God’s light. Amen.


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