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Sometimes we can take a memory that pops into our minds as just a thought, reminder, or ‘oh yeah, funny!” but could it be an soul tap?

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Sure you might think but why don’t I see the warning words on the image above don’t we get jabs too? OH YES we DO! This image borrowed was how we might be by meditating or when you’re doing mindless tasks like cleaning, gardening, driving in car etc. we can let go of the wheel in our mind and come across ideas and guidance that gently nudges us. I know I’ve gotten jabs in my stomach and uneasiness that makes me want to flee, bypass someone or stay home that I will note as angel/soul guidance. We’ve all had body experiences we should heed in warnings not much different than a prey animal feels but cannot see.

Are we protected?

I would guess that’s dependent on your personal views on the world according to religious or scientific views or selected understandings. I mean I can only attest to my personal experiences and I note them for pondering myself -it’s not exactly X-files because I connect the correlation that seems to point me in a direction that I have more trust following. Of course it takes practice to believe, and for me I do believe in GOD, Universe, Creator.

Perhaps belief may be due to where the stork dropped me off in my families beliefs and location, but I can’t help but see a sunflower seek and find it’s source and think, why not us too!


My eldest just turned 21 this week. I told her about the time she was sick and the doctor’s office had me taking home medication samples from a nurse. I simply could not keep the information the nurse gave me on how to administer. I must’ve asked her 5 times before leaving and I left still uneasy. I decided to call the doctor office armed with a pen and paper ready to jot down EXACTLY what I was to do. I received the head nurse and when I explained my situation I was so shocked to hear her tell me calmly to “please throw those samples away and I will send your prescription to your pharmacy.” I felt relieved that I would get directions. Later I learned the nurse who gave me samples was fired and that I could’ve really caused irrevocable damage they didn’t say “death” but I could only image why my soul insisted so desperately to seek answers.

I also remembered on her birthday “that time she wanted to learn how to surf,” and a friend of mine offered a date to meet us at the beach and teach us-shes’s a water goddess. Unfortunately my car window was stuck and it wouldn’t go back in to position that day, I had to get this fixed! My colleague said I should call Terri’s neighbor, Anthony, at Costa Mesa Auto and she gave me the number. I was told he could do it before the time I had planned with my friend to surf. We chatted as the mechanics got straight to work, we shared funny and heartwarming stories we had of our mutual friends and it was a pleasant time. A problem appeared when something they needed to complete the work was not readily available (it would take a few more hours to get it) he apologized knowing our plans looking at my daughter. “It’s okay, I can always re-book it!” and I meant it. What came next was so unexpected he said “take my car!” What, How, and Why? came befuddling into my mind you don’t know me! HA, This sounds like the dream I had recently (I believe I tried to explain how dreams have many strings across timelines in my last blog Could it be magic?).

Dreams are so telling!

I refused as you might have guessed. I mean Jeez! Are you kidding me, I’m broke, a single mom I can’t afford a mistake (I was super afraid for our welfare -I had no child support yet just a few months away from the final courthouse date) I just didn’t take financial risks. He was very sweet and insisted that I use his old Suburban it wasn’t a big deal he fixes cars or something kind-hearted like that (its been so long to remember every detail) but he convinced me and these were the years I was just beginning to learn how to trust by following the signs and I bet I probably saw 1:11 and finally said “yes, thank you so much.”

Now, when he shows me the car it was HUGE! I had a Expedition SUV (I named him Neo and it was my most loyal vehicle I’ve ever owned) but this beast fills the whole lane and I was super intimidated but my daughter was watching, she has to see me successful, and she should see what kindness brings especially from a stranger. I prayed the whole way to the beach and I was thinking “how do I park this RV tank? Oh lord please don’t make me parallel park!” (BTW, my bucket wish is to 007 fishtail slide park into a curb, because I’m lousy at it). I arrive at Blackies, Newport Beach parking lot (always busy) and as God as my witness, a man pulls out of an beachfront row easy access parking spot and waves to me knowing I was lucky. I’m bouncing in my seat mouthing “THANK YOU!” He chuckled probably didn’t think much, but he made my stress just leave. We get out of the car and dolphins are within distance and we made right on time!” One of the best days of my life because not only did I have fun with my daughter and tried surfing but his generosity only grew mine (miracle grow) and I was stronger for it (Thanks Anthony).

Wish I still could fit into that wet-suit size!

What’s really Amazing is…

I was thinking about this whole day on her bday and how I was learning wonderment of protection. Later I would notice I had missed a call from that same friend Terri “what are the odds?” I thought and I called her back. “Oh, sorry I butt dialed you!” she said. “Nope, you didn’t!” I go on to explain the memory and how I was getting pushed to review and rewind to this day again. In those days I relied on daily meditation, prayers for the planet, and constantly out in nature and I haven’t been so much and I kinda miss that sweetness. I might have already shared all these stories but you’d have to go back seven years to find these treasure that spirit doesn’t want me to forget!

Crazy right!

I should also mention I am terrible at taking time to write my book, blamed it on my lap top computer getting too old at work to a friend. Not kidding when a colleague casually asked if I was interested in one of the old computers desktops she was getting rid of (she didn’t know my desires or needs of one). Okay, spirit I can’t deny that you only want me to try something I enjoy once I concede to your signals, go ahead keep the miracles coming to share. AMEN.

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