Who do you think you are?

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A question or statement?  You may judge of me and that’s your journey to explore…do you think it will bring you to experience something more, or an open and shut case?  Would you consider adding sweetness to your ingredients, and ask the question “Who are you?” I think you might find at least a curious beginning to finding out something about yourself, and maybe find yourself in others; and it’s here we find hidden joys and hopefully the licking of the bowl in combining our essence.

Who AM I? I’ve been asking myself that every morning and every night since 2011 and eventually the answers come. Some answers are profound and mind blowing experiences that I share only with few, and some slight and dismissed by many but I hold them and examine what life brings to me.  Who AM I? You decide of course, but I ask that you hold your impulse to label me quickly and instead place me in file marked “under renovations,” as I am constantly learning as I am always questioning . . .

Here’s a taste of my life.  I had a need to see “A room with a view,” and when I saw it and heard many pieces of myself blatantly there, the question marks came forth.  I went to the beach and asked God so many questions and I was answered in a symbol and nature, as if to say to me “Child you ask so many questions, but you know the answers: all found in love.”  


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