Abundance like the full moon; brings many forms of blessings

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Harvest Moon by Neil Young 

 a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin’
We could dream this night away.

But there’s a full moon risin’
Let’s go dancin’ in the light
We know where the music’s playin’
Let’s go out and feel the night.

Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

When we were strangers
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
I loved you with all my heart.

But now it’s gettin’ late
And the moon is climbin’ high
I want to celebrate
See it shinin’ in your eye.

Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

We know a NEW moon is when you plant the seeds of your desires and the FULL moon is when you see the sprouted leaf or reap the harvest of many combined moons after working diligently.

Do you realize what work you’ve put in?
 Do you think I’m talking about your career?

We associate the word “work” with “career” and/or “money” and sometimes to our determent “identity!” I ask young students and children What do you think you want to do for a career to earn a living when you’re older?” We’ve all heard “what do you want to be when you grow up?” …Uh duh!!! HAPPY, successful, beautiful, loving, healthy, supportive and supported completely in love and loved. We lose focus on what our path once looked like since we began learning in school, we lose our innocence on what we’re here to really achieve.  I myself as a child wanted to be a doctor, singer, actress but that’s not what I turned out “to be” or is it? 

I’m a healer in words I choose, touch and I direct my heart rays to the planet (from the universe) just by loving.I’m a singer, not on stage; but to babes in arms, over highways and waves to mountainsides. I’m an actress, not for box office sales but a leading actress of my life and as I get older I’ve become the director and playwright aligning to what I want.  

Okay, I digress (it’s Mercury Retrograde for goodness sakes) but I learn by writing it out…and what I’m pondering as I write here is ABUNDANCE!!! I’ve been “working” on ABUNDANCE without knowing it or understanding it until today.

THE LESSON Syllabus:  Yesterday.  I dragged my kids from work to my doctor’s appointment adjacent to a Japanese shopping mall. The doctor who I was “assigned” to weeks earlier and I just connected like magnets. She marveled at my age reading my blood report and said listen you are basically healthy and look great, you never come in for sickness, what do you think is going on? I answered in all honesty I feel like I’ve been thrown up in the atmosphere like confetti and I’m still up in the air not knowing where I’m going to land or how it will look when I do, it’s undetermined. I know it’s getting me ready for alignment of something better as I’m supported; even if I don’t agree at first (haaa) but it’s brought me to examine my health.” Her eyes widen and she says “You’re giving me chills right now, that’s how I feel. I’m not a woman of religion but I feel I’m being asked to trust…and what do I trust!” (this reminds me of the Gabriel’s horn dream). I told her of how my home/health/love life is all being transformed things are coming up to examined, prepped, fixed or eradicated for the “reveal” of a new life. Upon leaving my daughter comments on a memory from a similar shopping center in which I’ll share in today’s “Abundance” Lesson.

Shit is knocking at my door at home/work/love/health. I saw the signs which means I can open the door wide because I’m not standing alone
9:09 PM – 6 Sep 2016



THE LESSON QUIZ: I felt I was coming down with something last night. Was it the second round of blood tests that made me weak and why was my throat aching suddenly? I came to work low on energy and too bad as it was MOON MADNESS students needing first aid to sickness. A darling woman looked at me and asked “are you okay?” I told her how I felt and she said “Do you want me to get you a coffee or meal, how can I help your energy?” My heart melted and I was about to say “no, I’m fine” but I wasn’t and neither was my soul sister standing near me. “Yes, can you please grab me an Americano and for T too.” reaching for my purse she said ‘NO, it would be my pleasure to help you and T.’ It wasn’t empty words she meant it, and I was so grateful to hear that. . . little did I know those words would be repeated for the “final exam on abundance.” Her sincerity brought to mind my daughter’s words yesterday and I said “hey before you leave can I share a story about my daughter?” 

We left this shopping center that reminded my daughter of a particular restaurant from the past, and I cringed when she mentioned it because it was a time of struggling to feed my children being a newly single mom with no child support, but a whole lot of pride NOT to ask for anything from anyone.  I tell my girl “that was one of my lowest days…I didn’t have enough in my account to pay for our meal” feeling that darkness come over me like I was back there once again in time. My gorgeous 16 year old daughter says “That was my favorite day, because I had the money to pay for it and help you.” My eyes welled and she goes on Remember when I told you if you have home/shelter, car and job your in the top percent of the wealthy in the world.’

We all felt emotional and “M” tells me again “thank you again (with a huge smile) for giving me the pleasure of helping you & T.” When she gets back she tells us the hilarious (she’s lively and fun so picture that when you read it) and synchronistic story of what happened when she went to get us coffee:

I’m in the drive thru and order your drinks reach for my purse…and realize I forgot it at home! I look around me and recognize another school mom in the line, get out of my car and say “hey, can I borrow $10 dollars so I can treat Erica & T to a coffee and explains what happened.” T and I know that other mom really well as we all have boys in the same grade/class and she tells our friend “M” how funny and odd because she’s never come this way or to this Starbucks!

M goes on to tell us that she was driving to our school that morning and thinking she loves our community but wanted to volunteer more because the people in her neighborhood are too into their “shells and appearances” they let their kindergarten children use media devices and that’s fine except her kids are brought up to be organically creative, and she/her kids can’t connect with them and felt like she needed to feel more connected to others with a common core. When she saw “J” in the drive thru line she felt comfortable to ask for support and realized she was supported and has a community. THAT’S Abundance!

Earlier today my friend calls me for a work question and we find out his wife and I are both having throat problems. “Erica, what can I do for you? You always help everyone, let me help you it would be my pleasure (again those words); would you like some soup I’m making for my wife?” Again, I was about to say “no, I’m fine.” but I’m not! “Yes, that would be really helpful.”  When I get home I fell asleep and he sent me this message and left the bag at my doorstep. 

“The Pleasure of serving is for everyone  to give and yours to receive”

It was the final exam on abundance. It’s my full moon harvest! Things we do in earnest not for prestige or fame start from seeds and bring abundance in spirit messages, gifts, love, respect, reciprocity, support, connection, bonds, higher wisdom.  Yes, I AM what I wanted to be when I grow up! AMEN I AM ABUNDANT TOO What’s even better… IS the people I’m still growing up with; we are all gardeners, and seeds!

“May we discover compassion in ourselves to see and allow for assistance; or give it when there’s a need. May we see the compassion shown to us or seen plainly in another as bright as light in strangers, family, lovers and friends from the simplest form to the grandiose and feel it equally in force.” May this eclipse take what we no longer need or hinders our growth and allow for the pruning to clear the dead and allow for the new, kissed by heavens’ lovely dew to become once again anew.” AMEN


JUST remembered on Monday, a parent asked me if I needed anything. I thought it was odd it was a quiet office day. I even brought my brows into  close contact…why? When spirit starts whispering in your ear I usually don’t KNOW IT YET but it feels like a pause button is pressed. It’s the way she said it and it even feels like time is slowing down when you go back to it in memory like I just did.

Have you ever fell from a high place and when you review it in your mind…it felt like slow motion or you can’t account exactly how you landed quite like you did!  So when she said “Do you need anything, are you okay?” I didn’t think anything of it until she continued “If you need anything let me know, we’d be glad to help you.” On that ending sentence I looked at her puzzled but a stirring of ‘curiosity’ and ‘knowing’ were connecting in my heart and sending a vibe to my brain to announce that Abundance and support is here…I only just got the message 3 days later!

Thanks Angels…and messengers what divine timing just after I post! https://www.instagram.com/p/BKch01zBEY6/

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  1. Gabrielle Hass

    Thanks sweetie, I really needed this message as I am preparing for my wrist surgery on Friday and final divorce mediation on Monday.. I will allow abundant healing and resources to enter my Soul.?

  2. Speaking Sweetly

    @gabriele Hass Thank you so much for the book on manifesting, ordering it ASAP! I've got you down for prayers of healing this Friday on the 11th hours!!! Let me know if you need anything! xoxox


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