Love Fear Not!

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I’ve ridden my mind on a stallion at full speed

headed in a straight streamlined direction to my intended Love

Perhaps I ride too fast to see the offerings in a blur

Perhaps .  . . I enjoy the mane curled in my grasp and fingertips

The thrill of victory of my own created image of what I am to find

Shall I miss the stars falling down upon my path to halt and let go  . . .

and when I did I saw the vast land -Erica Sussette

Love, its something I’m so fond of learning and I mean this when I speak not of romantic relationships.
Oh Romance I’m balanced in fearless and fearful (if that’s possible).  I know I have a deep foundation to offer but I pull the reigns tight knowing what I offer is not superficial or glamorous but REAL. I see myself as a soul first and a student a that, so I’m not looking to invite anyone who isn’t ready to get a passing grade either. I’ve done my work, opened my baggage and I know where I need work and I know what I want to experience and most importantly what I have in me that I’ve grown closer in adoring from my scaredy cat areas to the full on power areas in me, that allows me to offer from my cup and that’s exciting as I find myself curious what I may have poured in my cup. 

I’m looking at my weaknesses and smirking because I want to pull them into focus and finally adjust my spine to full height with the one who doesn’t hold the ruler but beckons my strength in myself to grow from their loving support.  It may be because I view my life as student so I look at all my previous courses of life and teachers and I may not have the answers but I’ve learned I’m not alone, always guided. So! This time in love it’s not for a feeling of companionship or triumph but for a greater reason for my soul to share with another soul and discover a purpose other than just romantic as the title page, but devoted to love itself and expression of no fear of loving or sharing a lesson book.

I finally got a “reading” from a man that various friends have invited me to join (two years after learning about him) at their home or just friends telling me about him. So I sit down in backyard of a friend to meet him with his new dog, and he just goes into “where I should be headed” after giving him my name and birthdate.  I don’t get a chance to ask questions but sometimes what we want to hear is different than what we should know so I go with it. About 7 minutes into the reading he mentions love:
7 min into our meeting/reading

This was back in February and on Monday of this week, I had the urge to listen to that session once again (learning that urges are really promptings from our intuition).  The next morning I feel another urge, this time to pull a card from my grandmother’s deck given to me from her estate It’s the four of wands named “Perfection.” It’s harmony . . . and who knows what as I just took a photo and ran off to go to work, I saw harmony and happiness “good enough!” I thought and I headed to the freeway.  Now driving away maybe 10 min later I started to get funny feelings like butterflies and happiness and that’s not new, but this was exciting and I’m not kidding when I say “falling in love” was evident in my body, my smile widens and I felt like a high school girl, maybe even like having a first kiss  “OMG did that just happen” experience! When I arrived I read my card and wow okay “are you prepping me, soul?”

I look up my favorite horoscope for this week when I get home and it mentions what the reader told me to expect…hmm really can it be? It is spring forward, and no fear of growth as nature is so keen to demonstrate this season.
four of wands

Rising Sign: Relationships: Things will move fast and without your effort from the beginning of the year all the way to August. You have to just follow the events, say yes to the opportunities to connect with people who celebrate you and bring joy to your heart. Bottom line, be happy. Opportunities for forming relationships are plenty throughout the year, and June and July will be the hottest months of the year for solidifying a more permanent relationship. Attached Capricorns, don’t get discouraged if your partner isn’t fully on board with some of your ideas around the home. They will join your enthusiastic attitude once they see how happy a project like this makes you. This could also come in the form of planning a vacation or setting up plans to move residences. Bottom line for relationships, find your bliss and follow it. Your partner or potential mate will fall in line with your joy.
Sun Sign Relationships: Take risks in matters of love. Social circles, social media, online dating, and friendships are highlighted for single Taurus. Use this first part of 2016 to take a risk with body changes. If you wanted to hit it hard with a new exercise routine, eating regime, or even just changing your hair color completely, this is a perfect time to do so. Second quarter of 2016 will get you geared up for all kinds of canoodling and snuggling with someone special. 

You’re meeting . .. 

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