I learned yesterday from a friend about a dream she had regarding her deceased mother.  In this lucid dream, she asked her mother “how is it on the other side?’ Her mother replied “it’s just as you said it was; everything you believe you create…it’s beautiful.”
I  also found out my car door was left wide open all night. My roommate told me “this is a lesson for you.”  “You see nothing happened you’re safe and protected.” Mocking me because I’m super cautious and overprotective in many areas, whereas he lives like a cat knowing he has many lives and will always land on his feet.
My Lesson Today:
We do create our life that’s a fact.  You work to eat or you don’t work and you find ways of feeding yourself; however, you created your daily bread it’s of your choosing. The same can be said of what we believe.   I feed myself positive emotions and when the negative comes I don’t ignore it or hide from it anymore I taste it. It takes a spiritual practice of chewing on the fat before spitting it in the trash can, and at times you might even forgo opening your mouth to receive unhealthy thoughts. 
I believe that every day we are handed lessons or clues to find happiness and freedom from our own belief creations gone awry or handed down generationally.   Today I was told the power of thought is immense from different conversations all leading to the absolute truth; we create our fears, our greatest attributes and we are given opportunities to improve our situations and release beliefs unnecessary with a simplicity of stillness and listening.


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