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Where am I headed.  I look to the Sun. To find my place that warms my heart where I may grow my roots, where my soul can sweat in  labors of love; so I may offer a harvest, to reinforce the strength in my bones.

I look to the Moon.  To blow bubbles of creative thoughts, wishes and dreams to float above to reach divinity, to where I had once come from. To undress my layers of doubt and sham. To stand naked and flawless, drenched in a dress of moonlight. To ignite passion in myself and that of which I seek to meet.

I look to the Earth. To find the answers in green and rebirth. I look around and see the proof. I find myself when my feet touch the land, I let the birds and trees guide me to understand.

I look to the ocean, and bodies of water that encourage the land. I see the depth, power and beauty of an unknown source. The ebb and flow and rhythms that allow precise perfection in letting go of your perception of what is to be, to what is needed; to live life freely.

I look to the mountains and hills.  I used them as models to the necessary steps to a fulfilling life.  There is no victory of just looking up, but traveling upward; letting the shallow breaths and uncomfortable progress reward us in the view of our accomplishments.

I look to the sky. In day or night I see a place of vastness and stillness and appreciation of no ceiling or limitation to knowing creation. I am from the galaxies and I am all of it shared by the many who are owned by a soul. We are collectively the milky way the clouds that form shapes and the rain that offers creation or destruction.

I stand in the middle of it all and look in all directions to where I am led to go. I don’t know exactly what’s expected of me but I’m heading toward it certainly approximately to my destination . . .so  I’ve been told. 

-June 15th Erica Sussette
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