Essence of Love (poem)

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Essence of Love

Can you love me with all of your being?
Have you ever sought to offer more?
I don’t mean in the material display but down to the core?
Have you loved someone thru their crimes and grime?
excluding abuse, of course, I speak of forgiveness of an outcome that benefited only one?
Did you heal and let the scab peel?
Or did you rip off the flesh of the one who did you wrong?
Did you keep them in hopes or hopelessly weep, or sweep it under a rug?
Did you punish or threaten the very same person you claimed to love?
Did you let them push you into an abyss? Denying others of your special gift?
Do you hold back purposely or constantly?
Can you trust another again?
What will open a man to love with all his being . . .
Or a woman offering her essence of love once again?
The darkness of the past seems to color this world
Denying the beautiful brilliant colors of love
(just pick up the paintbrush).
-Erica Sussette


ruminating on hearing: “in order for a man to evolve in his higher self he has to love a woman with all of his being.” I wondered if that was possible if you’ve never had children or been the caretaker for a family member to learn the pains and beauty of love everlasting with each passing day of highs and lows.



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