No Reel, Just Real.

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We have to be brave enough to be real. We need to love ourselves for who and what we are and not for what is trendy, but worthy of time. We need a higher love



I’ve had some interesting experiences lately all on the side of “the veil is DEFINITELY thinning.” I didn’t share on here because I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel the need to prove or show every little or big intuitive hit even if they left me impressed and some have. I only write when my heart pulls the ink out of my pen because then it’s not just me expressing but a higher self. “Give me a higher love.” came on the radio and it sometimes escapes me how very true this statement is needed and then coming across this on Instagram listening to Prince Ea you know why that song is more than just lyrics (thanks Charlie for posting) Thank you Prince Ea for reaching the pinnacle of truth in what is damaging us all.

I don’t watch tv but I do see media titles and what’s been coming up is really some dark tarry shit stains on this planet and I hate to say it, but America is taking the lead or shall I say is the mercurous “lead” that is poisoning our youth and bringing them down in what we call lower energies. My heart took a tank when it read about this new gang of hate that brutally beats up supporters for same-sex partners and anyone who opposes white supremacy.  I read it and knew as I did then in that nightmare previewing this… that this was going to be a very dangerous epidemic and it should be treated with strict immunization or it will grow like the plague. The darkness is not as large as light but we cannot let it grow. We cannot allow for small-mindedness and still receive beauty and prosperity on this planet if the balance tilts in favor of one side.

Prosperity is not being at the top of a heap like a fly on shit, but rather a master at your gift you give mankind in bringing more light in on any social level. We are so ripping ourselves off by not sharing kindness and respect “What we give, WE GET.” All those false opulent idols have no real friends if their money runs out; their friends run out too. We have been watching an illusion of false prophets of riches and if you look closely their members jump ship at the sight of collision of collusions. The nightmare I was shown prior to the new year in 2016 was youth males raging in anger, started by a staunch politician and his words were merely an excuse to wreak havoc. This same politician was downright abusive to his wife treated subpar she was a slave to mirror his ways into the souls of other women who took the bait and it reminded me of the witch hanging days where women hurt other women out of spite and jealousy and to keep the coward numbers hefty- misery loves company. This nightmare still scares me more than any natural disaster I’ve seen coming because brutality steers people away to hide, and reels more in like gangs because of that power and we just cannot let the bait sink us any lower.

GOD bless America, in God we trust.

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