Four Winds, Four Dreams FOR Truth

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We are the ones we are waiting for.

 AND WE ANSWERED!!! So proud of all the light brought let’s keep cleaning and rectify the past!

From the four corners of wind that meet from Earth, Air, Water and Sun to the angelic messengers who seek the justice and light coming from each and everyone; we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I’ve just noticed the word “wind” that chose to be italicized and maybe it was an accident but I believe it’s purposeful.  “The winds of change are here.” I know personally, I’ve seen the changes from race, sex, money, political and environment injustices have been unleashed and I don’t watch the news or tv! 

I’m sharing my personal notes (reluctantly) on what’s been brewing in the ethers, asking us to get real with our mother earth and I’m grateful for #NO DAPL and I Hope Saving the Salish Sea is next! Canada pay attention as you are hurting beloved Orcas and those indigenous tribes working so hard to save the Salish Sea and their livelihood paired in natural law traditions.

I’ve been so perplexed since 2015 when I first got the message about “Water Protectors” and it all makes sense now. It’s so clear as we see our loyal Spirit leaders indigenous people from Dakota to Equador fighting to save the planet from oil ruin and we refuse to see the gifts of solar and wind. 

I don’t know what will come about but WATER PROTECTORS are REAL so are ANGELS and they are going to release the winds of change since we demand division, and I think it will be chaotic weather we’ve never seen or endured before (I’m guessing worse in States/countries where people value themselves more than others matching the imbalance of weather) and we will not be able to avoid what we value most as “CONVENIENCE” will no longer replace SURVIVAL. 

I’m not wishing this or getting almighty it’s just what feels like what is coming in for now…the more people awaken spiritually and even just paying attention to what really matters CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING. it’s been written over and over again we just need to value more than our own needs and wants and abundance is provided. I learned Fiat leasing electric cars for $50 a month! We can create miracles with innovation and create a beautiful America we can innovate and empower our land and sea by respecting the natural gifts given to us. Just like we give our jackets to Water Protectors I’ll gladly give my gas car for a chance at innovation like Fiat did if you make it affordable- we will gladly give up the gas guzzlers to do our part and we’re anxious to start it AMERICA!

Water is more precious than gold, we can’t survive without it PERIOD no wonder it’s mixed in our blood. 

ON DECEMBER 5th the Standing Rock Water Protectors may be compromised and our prayers (and trading places with those holding the fort for now with our vacation days in the near future will happen) -as I have a feeling they will think camps will be dismembered by convenience …like I said SURVIVAL to our planet should be placed first and they’re betting on our weakness “on to the next, what’s cool to support what’s new!” But the divine is working hard waking up our spirit in us through Ascension -Oh it’s happening but it does create fear and fight first so expect that for a bit but it will enable the wake-up call and maybe why so much drastic change is happening with unexpected things we’ve never seen


  • Judgement-Gabriels horn posted on August 23rd
  • Pray, Peace and Love posted on June 27th (mentions military service/veterans now at NODAPL)
  • 555 Change is needed,  posted June 15th 
  • BAD EGOIC Dream Last Week of October – not posted or written down for fear of manifesting 

Symbolic messages are so subtle and our minds like to simplify translation to ONE WAY and make it clean and done and onto the next. I’ve found that spirit speaks vastly, so the translation can be spread out across time and many challenges and we don’t see the message standing in plan view in a myriad of ways until we look in our past to correlate the pinpoints. All of these challenges we are facing PERSONAL and UNIVERSAL are calling for our own highest Judgement.  I mean it always has . . . but I think we will be “seeing/feeling” the consequences of our choices in a faster karmic poetic justice kind of way and collectively we will all experience discomfort for the collective choices that we know are not right. OUR choices are very real now, how you love and treat another are not saved for the next life . . . but for this life! We have the power to disagree in harmony and pray for truth and that is what is needed when you can’t make it to the front lines of injustices. The same goes for your personal relationships, if you can’t mend it you can heal it by praying for positive change with no intent in manipulating the outcome but in forgiveness for envisioning everyone transcending to a higher divine law.

woke me up at 2am I didn’t write it down It was too disturbing to recall it again. Now I regret not scribing it like I usually do because we may need to be forwarned to collect our thoughts but I worry about manifesting dark thoughts so I eliminate them, but I won’t do that anymore letting fear rule instead of awareness. The dream was of youth being stirred by a staunch white male (like political satire cartoons rotund and bulbous red nose) with overloads of anger and wrath and mostly young males took to attacking each other ruthlessly and without mercy or thought; it wasn’t’ even clear what they were fighting for or for what side: it was just straight up savagery (brutal). Meanwhile, the wife of this powerful ignorant man reveling in this power used it against other women to dominate (almost like accusing back in “witch hanging” days toward innocent or envied women despised). Her power, however, was rendered useless in the presence of her husband who treated her worse than a slave owner and the message was “you get what you give, is personal power and control in dominance worth your own spiritual freedom or life.”

  • Avanyu August 8, 2015 not posted noted in my diary & twitter
  • Water Deity “Erawan shrine” blown up and wakes me up in my time zone by a fire alarm sound!

Avanyu Vision

I had encountered my first vision while awake on August 9, 2015. I went with a friend to kayak and I was momentarily sea sick on land as I headed toward the water and thought that was odd but what happens later physically to me only proves that I was forewarned in my body that I was going to have an experience hard to digest.

We had dolphins swim up and it was a great day as we headed back to the beach my left eye (the same eye that gave me a scare of seeing only gold/violet rings for almost 3 weeks A year ago the same day) started blinding me with flashes of color and in shouting to my friend “hold on my eye is blinking I can’t see!”  My friend worried asked what do I see? I hesitated OMG WTF is this? I mumble “I’m seeing something weird” not wanting to share but I’m afraid to open my eyes because it’s so real and it seems to be in that eye only -who would believe me! Luckily my friend is no stranger to unseen phenomena but is afraid of it because she’s naturally intuitive BUT still, I wished my Mom or sisters were with me they would know what to do and KNOW I’m not making shit up. “what do you see? she insists I almost lose my breath in admitting “a dragon or serpent.” My eyes are closed on a sunny day you’d think I’d see orange or red behind my eyelids but I see pitch black and only this dragon or serpent outlined in bright white light and I could see the lightning pulse from its head.

“What happens if you open your eyes?” I instinctively do as she asks (but in hindsight I rushed through the process if I’d only take the time to digest what I was seeing to imprint it in my mind and ask my angels/God what was happening) and I open my eyes to see it slithering so tall it was like a human seeing ZEUS. I gasped and pointed it’s right there do you see it? It’s as tall as the Mountain! “Erica I don’t see it what does it look like?” It’s so easy for me to see it I can’t believe only I can see it -Omg am I crazy but I can see detail now because it’s no longer black and white but orange, yellow, green super big like Godzilla. “it’s in color it has Native American symbols all over its body and it’s so big it seems to be energetically cutting into our dimension because the body is outlined in energy waves like it’s laser cut into this time. I’m in disbelief this is unbelievable yet I can see it so clearly and not a dream. I’m aware boats are coming towards us and I’m nervous about my friend judging me or thinking I lost it. I just want to get to land so I can stand firm and take it in.  “I want to get to land I’m freaked out!” I tell R she asks me if I can row now, can  I see? ‘yes, I can!” I start to row but because it’s in my left eye it’s in my peripheral and I wince “omg it’s following me I can see it move/slither in the same direction.”  After about 3 minutes it leaves my sight.

I went to sleep troubled …

What the heck did I see what did it mean, I had done research but felt like an idiot I couldn’t match exactly. At 4 am I woke up dreaming that I was having slander thrown at me and I decided maybe I should get rid of that blog in case it does make something happen not give it energy and I erase it. This candle was lit the moment I came home on Sat night and it used up all its wax and still continued to burn into the next day – I dared not to blow it out if a vigil was needed then we will leave it on and it was only the wic that burned almost half a day. What’s that mean? I’m guessing to hold faith to pray and know I’m not abandoned in holding this vision.
 -08-092 – View 
Shared privately 
Aug 9, 2015
Okay since I erased all my notes let’s review cause I can’t recall in great detail anymore. It was shaped the head facing like below images and like an alligator like a V on its side all the intricate drawings in its body had vertical footsteps like the image in Frank Walters depicting the village of Wenima  and cool native symbols very marked every inch and although I couldn’t get a face I felt it moving along with me facing as the images below on the crown and even in some symbols near the nape of the neck did I see the symbol for sky I can’t find it now but snow cloud looks like it
It had Bright yellow, Orange, turquoise and maybe green I can’t see it clearly now in memory, but definitely, some lightning peaking out of sky symbols and its eye was lightning possibly the tongue but I was rowing and steering in the harbor while trying to look at it.

Shared privatelyAug 17, 2015

I was asleep not dreaming cause I didn’t have any images when I was startled by what sounded like my fire alarm on the fritz or the security alarm here (You know I know it so well cause in my old house it came on when it was too hot misfiring and chirping just once enough to make you jump out of your skin and here too until that day I cut the power off with snippers). Anyway, one blast interrupted my sleep I sat up in bed while thinking “but I cut the lines” (which I’m rather impressed with myself for thinking and making that connection so sharply while deep alseep) this had me think should I post? Keen to using twitter so I can see the time posted and archive later I hesitated …IF I write then I’ll really wake up. I wrote in twitter and the thought came of my symbols the water symbol and ladybug….OH yeah lady bugs are symbolic or protection and mother Mary…am I a water protector?? hmmm snore!

I woke up at 8 am would you look at Doreen message! went to see if something matched what woke me up and typed in “CA fires” and found one near a lake around the same time, next I look at the world news and I saw the 555 on the video frame and thought it must be this!

Well thanks to my MOM (always) I get clarity. I had called her and told her how I was awakened to the sound of fire alarm and share with her the article I found about the bomb. She tells me our family friend is there right now and is worried so she sends him a message (read below).
Prayers to those lost and those who are sooo lost they gave up their divinity in creating chaos in the bombing and hurting the innocent. My mom gets this confirmation from our friends and later my friend gives me confirmation that THE WATER DIETY is asking for US to pay attention. TWO protectors of water get my attention; this is way deeper folks than your wee little ignorance can ignore THIS SHIT is about to get REAL and water will be honored or we will lose our protection from her force.

Subject: yes, i am okay….
Reply-To: B. Wagner 

miss sally,
i am okay.
i was in my hotel room when the explosion
took place.  i did not hear it.  but i could hear
tons of sirens and thought, what the heck is
going on as i had not heard a siren since i have
been here.  so i got up and went out on the 
balcony of my hotel room and just saw such
bad traffic and heard all the sirens.  i had BBC
on the tv and then they broke with the story.
and when i found out where it was i realized
that i had just been there at 3:30pm in the
shrine area and less then four hours later 
the explosion.  so sad.  the reason that i 
stopped by when i walked by was because
there were so many people there and i was
being nosey as to why they were there and
it was also one of the most interestind shrines
i had seen.  also, there were many flowers 
on the altars and workers were taking them
off so that the people there could put their
flowers on it. also, folks were lighting incense
and putting it on the altar also.
so i am very lucky.   someone was looking out
for me yesterday.   :)
here is the picture that i took at 3:30pm.
thanks for thinking of me.
love you,


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