The Joy of Humming

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As the messenger of joy, representing the land and air with its counterpart the dolphin representing water and depth; they both have the uncanny ability to move with agility, making you smile just by their presence both igniting passion and love “fire” instantly taking you out of the mundane to the fully present

Today I was sitting in my friends garden reading the news (something I usually don’t do) as my new phone loves to post the headlines and other annoying notifications I could do without! I found myself engaged in reading about Russia and their “involvement” into our elections.  I was so intrigued that I blocked out the deep “Whoosh” in my left ear but it persisted and I was almost afraid to turn to look at what was so close to me…it was a hummingbird.  I just laughed he just looked down at me now perched above me and I said “hello!” and continued to read. Again he came down to whoosh/hum in my ear and I realized I’ve been consuming way too much news and not enough nature aka joy.

It’s a new moon and once an auspicious day for me hearing my name called out by my true love/twin flame or so I thought. . .causing me to sit straight up out of a deep dream. It might very well been that, but regardless, it guided me to take charge of my life and go after what I really wanted “true love and a passion for life.”  Today is no different and now the messenger came in green feathers “go drink the nectar.” I’ll admit I have a strong disposition for seeing the cup half full and even to go farther that my cup is over flowing in beauty around me.  I’m working hard to sustain that passion, because for the first time I’m not so eager to start this new year. I enjoyed 2016 a year of growth even the heartache was well worth it, but the need to continue climbing is not yet yanking me to start with a kickass attitude.

Encounters like today, wake me up to look at what I’m doing and where I want to go. Hummingbirds have come in my dreams:

One dream was of a black hummingbird that “fed me” or I can interpret now as it drank from my lips, I had a sweetness I didn’t know I possessed then. 

My favorite dream when I started my spiritual journey (unbeknownst to me at the time): 

I walked into my kids playroom and a huge tree (tree of life/knowledge) busted out the ceiling and windows and in this dream I was lucid enough to worry how I would fix the house and the cost looked tremendous (all the serious human drivel we only see when the heart isn’t involved).  Luckily spirit in dreams is the leader so I took in the incredible beauty of the boughs hanging heavily with crab apple fruits and so many hummingbirds were circling the fruit. 

I wouldn’t understand until going through very hard times alone, that that tree was in my background offering me what is rightfully all of ours: higher knowledge. I was definitely a “water half empty” woman in that stage of my life.

This new phase of America coming is unsettling period! I don’t know if it’s the energy I’m collectively feeling or if it is what it is. I do know that if I only perceive darkness than the light has a much harder job in order to penetrate it. Therefore look for the little things that you scored (I just found money in my HSA and paid off medical/dental bills) my kids have no cavities SCORE! I received so many gifts that enabled me to give my kids a family gift and more SCORE! even a Christmas Tree was left outside a classrooms and all day I wondered if I had time to get one before my trip SCORE! My mom doesn’t have cancer SCORE AND SOAR! Just found out there’s a cure READ about this amazing woman! SCORE Artic nature conservation is secured SCORE People spiritually waking up in compassion for everyone . . . AMEN Vets for No Dakota Access Pipeline; there’s the hero’s gorgeous spiritual warriors! Let’s make it overflow and blow the Scoreboard lights like the 4th of July

MY JOY AND HUMMING ⇚ I hum all the time it changes the mood (hummingbird energy) but these moments are my sanctuary

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