He’s gonna be somewhat like me. . .

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He’s gonna be different so I can stretch
but generous so I can thrive
He’ll be truly sincere, so that I may fly
with no threats of trappings or fear of being too near or far away
He’s got to have the spirit of the warrior; without the war 
Brave to say and hear what the other needs, wants or doesn’t know or show
without retribution or starvation, but to pour what’s missing in each other’s cups
as the ego dries, making sure loves is never parched 
He’s gonna love to hear me sing off key
He’s gonna keep me hot when the sun goes down
He’s gonna give me comfort when there are clouds
He’s gonna love the moonlight and stars and my children just as much; that’s a must!
He’s gonna give like me RECIPROCITY and believes in honesty and trust
Opposite, yet compatible (gifts in disguise) passionately alive 
I don’t know how you’ll find him Dear Lord but you will . . .This NEW YEAR! 

Sun. 1/1/2017

by Erica Sussette

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