The Winged Messenger

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The hawk has been the messenger to man for many centuries. 

I think I have one “assigned” to me or at least he seems to be volunteering to help me trust and grow my intuition.

He’s been now called our “mascot” at school seen around my office and I adore him. In fact wow, I just realized the first photo I EVER posted on Instagram was a Hawk by my work window back in 2011 when I started full time (miracle job offered/diving timing day after asking for divorce with no clue how to support myself and kids on part-time salary Yup true story 11/12/11) and in that building (I’m kind of overwhelmed by this connection right now-DAMN!) in fact today is all about connecting old dreams with current reality.  Doreen Virtue card from her weekly reading today is “vision.”  I like to see her weekly readings and note them in my calendar so when I wake up I’m either manifesting it or aware of possibilities. When you start a journey to spirit it’s helpful to note things like this as it just BOOM brings you closer to seeing the Magic of the Universe and soon you start unveiling gifts and insight you never had; which leads to trust in the higher source and peace of mind.

I’ve got 3 dreams today that keep recycling in my mind. One is seeming to manifest about a train ride and someone boarding the train of interest to me. 

The second dream was sooo long ago of a classroom I think was the school of mystery. I stood outside this huge building looking out over and Egyptian looking desert I could hear my favorite musician’s music fill the ether and students enjoying it on the verandas (perhaps he was creating the music here to bring to earth) I took it in and walk in the building. It was renaissance looking inside. Fellow students were not cleaning up and I felt obligated to clean up lunch mess that I was missing class due to it. I could hear the teacher ask the student on stage with a lamb “how do you speak to her?” The student was clueless and as I was like Cinderella wiping tables muttering “duh you just ask her!” When I finished I ran to the class it was over but everyone was quietly studying. I sat down and this very wizard looking professor came to sit across me (yes we know what movie this is imitating) “ah, I’ve heard wonderful things about you.” I’m about to pass out in intimidation I know he’s powerful and I’m late and missed class. He smiles at me and says “shall we start?” I open my book and take a deep breath scared I’m not as good as he thinks I am.

This dream pops in my head today because this particular bird has been showing up in my path with big news for me personally or collectively; is this communication???? by way of my interpretations is it really a conversation with the animals? HMMM I mean we hear of animal whispers I can’t do that!

The Third dream is of being in the back of an RV with my feral cat with an Rv that is driving itself from a fwy to a one lane highway up a mountainous winding road lined in white linen to scale uphill only to park perfectly in a dead end at the end of the road to a cleared patch of forest (just for the RV) next to a black old-fashioned hitching post with the huge thick forest behind it in total serenity and beauty. I dreamt this in Oct and it popped in . . .making me think am I cleared to a new road to marriage wowza! This also popped in after seeing my hawk today again visit me.

SO this hawk first landed in front of me on the day before election day:
Then again the day I heard later that night (look at time stamps on twitter) about the Veterans asking for forgiveness it landed in front of my office & my friend said “call Erica her hawk is here” and I came out and it stayed on the walkway to my office with loud kids playing and parents standing around (one standing there gave me a hawk feather for my birthday) we just couldn’t believe a wild animal would hang. I said “there’s a message coming” and people looked at me if I’m crazy (I’m sure you are too)  but I know he’s reliable “anchor newsman.”

He landed again in front of me on Dec 12th and I had a bad dream of a lover’s fight. The next day I witnessed it not directly (it was a people I know) but I saw the connection.

Now for today!  I had an urge yesterday to contact my friend but shrugged it off but this morning it’s so persistent so I text her:

The Hawk didn’t flinch as I approached even when surprised to find him there and voiced it he stayed
As I walk to the edge to pray and send healing who is already there quietly chilling! I closed my eyes and sent healing and he left when people walked by, but he’s staying with me and I’m so touched by that. UPDATE: I later found out Tessa didn’t make it and passed away that day. I spent last summer caring for her for a week while I was initially caring for her boyfriend “Cliff,” for a good month. When I would care for them I’d give them energy hands healing and she would dutifully sit by me in the hot sun while I worked on my book. I wonder if she let me know she was leaving or needed assistance and summoned me, or was it, Cliff? Whomever or whatever called my attention, it definitely connected to my heart forever; may she rest in peace.

Oh yeah,  a friend of mine just happened to bring a sweater to me that she said “she couldn’t pull off,” it had to go to me a Native American Sweater I’m wearing tomorrow!
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