Bounty . . .the quick pick me up first!

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from Bounty’s commercial “accidents happen”

Life doesn’t always seem bountiful; 

but we don’t have to add to the mess! 

This month is already pushing me to grow. While most people are stretching their muscles and I haven’t started on that yet (guilty). I’m being forced to look at myself in my many moods.  I should’ve known by 3 amazing gifts I received over the holidays. I received two moon posters (each created by artists) and a Moon pendant.

This week I had a reality check on how I need to stop and breathe and ask for guidance when I’m emotional (good or bad) and use those feelings to empower me and everyone involved.  I did the right thing and spoke my concern to a friend, but spoke up when I was upset so in my haste my communication came up confusing and caused a ruckus. Instead of what I had intended, which was preventive measures for resolutions I let my ego in.  When I was approached about my concerns (well more like confronted and I’m thankful now for this training) I was not ready for conflict so I wasn’t prepared to answer articulately. Looking back if I had taken a breath, I could’ve explained the truth of my concerns more clearly but thankfully to my strong belief in love I didn’t have a need to defend or attack in my response because I never wanted that in the first place!  I just didn’t do myself justice by not stopping to be present in both circumstances.

Today I’m painting my coffee table when my cat decides to jump on top of it. I joke in my Instagram how I was NOT like a bounty commercial “smile, swipe and move on.” I screamed “NOOOOOOO!” she ran off leaving paw prints down the hall and headed to my carpeted room. I was so mad and I cleaned up the mess but the streaks she made on the table can’t be mended.  

What if I had not reacted in emotion but just stood up and picked her up and cleaned her paws.

That would’ve been a better result. My table wouldn’t have a deep skid mark from her freaking out on my reactive explosion and no prints on the floor. Dammit Brittney “whoops I did it again!”  Oh! I know I will lose it again, trust me raising children raises your voice but it also increases your sensitivity. 

Interesting enough, I happen to be listening to Doreen’s video for the year and I can see her insight goes along with my bad dream in October. We all need to face each other with emotional intelligence. I invite you to see it and know we have options by just being aware of what we’re emotionally giving, sharing or taking. 

We all act like children sometimes but we can also see others through compassion and change the world with our reactions (and I don’t mean like chemical reactions ?).

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