Hail Women full of grace

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Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women . . .

I didn’t attend the Women’s March, and not because I’m not supportive to what women have endured or continue to suffer in inequality, respect or too quickly dismissed, but due to the message becoming convoluted in spite.

I applaud the crowds gathering in unity peacefully and stretching their voice when aligned with the heart; empowering our youth in the beauty and strength of the woman (as it should be).

 Blessed Art Thou Women

I am not defined by my title of “Female” . . .but that of my role as “Woman,” carved and chosen to be the human vessel of new lives.
I am a creator. Support her
I was entitled and given the ultimate privilege and responsibility of bearing & raising children to become inspiring men and women. Support her
I am responsible for making clear choices in partnerships; knowing I HAVE the choice and power of conceiving. Support her
I am naturally enabled to nurture everything in my surroundings Support her
I am equipped with innate intuitive guidance Support her
I am intrinsic in loving deeply and forgiving boldly Support her
I am revealed in all forms of loving relationships; in all sexualities Support her
I am sought after to give, heal and restore Support her
I am a huge necessity in the circumstance of life; we are powerful Support her
The Woman is not a force to be used, but a distinct blessing to mankind. Trust her

Blessed art thou WOMEN

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