Gifts of Reason

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Arch Angel Michael, one who is as God

What have you offered us?
I see you kneeling in reverence in carrying this load
I can see the wise keepers looking on in the swirls toward your bent anointed head

Is it a gift of reason . . .
to value our mother earth
when she is so worn? 

All lessons are gifts from God
some may take them as fear
some may take them as penance 
some may receive it as a guiding gift
and prepare it’s human form to encounter what the soul already knows

The wars, the sale of humans, the mining and the warfare on our food and land; its our turn to uphold our hearts and offer our complete attention nor more ‘Me’ . . . but “I AM.”

I accept your gift of reason for each collision that may coincide or release what needs to go; without crying “why!” we are never forsaken that just isn’t so.

I accept the peace of love you’re sending our way, it will enable us to help each other and Gaia; and as your posture demonstrates in this photo saying “its the only way they will change.”


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