A Decree for 2016

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I still have 8 written in chalk on each door to welcome the spirit of abundance of higher truth and seeing thru the dark. Today I will erase the infinity number and replace it with the number 9 – completing a karmic lesson.

 Everyday when I open or close a door it will remind me that I make or eliminate new karmic ties and to be aware of my thoughts holding pure purpose and well intent.

Today we start a new cycle, a 9 year one of completion and Karma; what we have reaped over the last 8 years we will now sow if we finish what we started or ignored- for everything must end before we can begin. It’s not said to be ‘finished automatically,’ NOOOO! We will feel the cloud overhead in review this year in the hermit archetype (going within -really looking at what you’ve done/been through and what you want/know to be meaningful to you). They say it’s not a time for starting something new but face what you haven’t dealt with in the past as those bones are too heavy to leave behind the shut door now spilling open; you need room to grow.

I am writing a Decree today, a law I hold for myself to uphold more sacred than resolutions, its a pact with the Divine to declare what I need help with and what I really want and hope to achieve.  I’ve done it before (probably in 2009) I was away from my normal life spending time with family looking closely at my life and realizing I was living for others and society and for their respect – not mine (my fault entirely- I own it). I thought about my life decisions I could make and found only dead ends until I asked for miracles. “What if God could do this . .. when I have to do this … and then they could have this … and then we could all be better for it?” 

This started the Decree. I thought closely and humbly and held out my finger envisioning golden ink flowing into words out of my heart and mind to declare what I would like to happen and how only it were to be determined if the outcome brought everyone to a better place because I had no way out of it; but with pain (in my limited mind).  God knows what’s best and I needed fatherly and motherly advice and prayer and asking for help is so important; we have no idea what karma debt is needed for one’s growth (even those you’re trying to spare, might need it-YOU included). So I wrote out my hearts desire and I sent it to God and signed it in mid-air.  We became a team now.  I had an unseen coach and advisers and I took all players into consideration.  Some days I let them knock me down (you’ll know when to surrender) some days I pushed back (when I needed to stand in my power) and I was never abandoned by spirit, words, choices and guidance was effortless when you push the ego aside and sincerely believe in miracles and everyone to have a happy outcome  . . .to this day!!!

Life changed fast and I kept hope that I wasn’t greedy but awakened now and I had to go higher in each weighty decision, which looks and feels like sacrifice of better judgement to others, but you feel the fire under your feet and it takes courage to heal your life (and divine help is so amazing to witness).  I never looked back and my decision was sound. Many might not see what I know to be true, but they did not read my decree or walk my path but God did . . .every step of the way!

So it’s time for a new Decree one for what is needed from me to give to my children (asking them what I’m lacking) and for my soul growth (creating something and bringing it to fruition) and mother earth (speaking on her behalf and listening). This is the year I give to them as I step back in my human desires and give to those. I’ve done my completion but  I will lay it to rest with a bountiful bouquet of forget me nots to all those who helped me rise for so long.

Happy 2016

May we lay to rest the unrest
and rise above the limited mind
and soar with the soul

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