Church Under the New Moon

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Dream this morning:

I dreamed I was in a new town (a small town). I get to my front door and open it and there’s a mass being held inside. My home is now a church and I exclaim “whoops!” The priest looks down at me and smirks smugly probably because I’m surprised by this happening in my home and two… I think he wants a rise from me. I quietly go past the main living room which in hindsight is really a big maple wood low lighting church alter setting (I can’t imagine really living here but this is a dream so okay). 

I go to where there are many vases of flowers adorning my mantle and I look for my vase I know they’ve rummaged from my cupboards without my approval, but no worries I fetch it and remove the dying flowers and replace it with my freshly bought bouquet and I replace it and walk outside. I see my x and his family observing me, expecting to see my displeasure and I don’t really have it (far from truth in reality I’d be livid to have people in my sacred space using my things without asking) but I just reply to their stares with “well I guess I better get the schedule from you guys.” I can hear my ego thoughts thinking “wait, really what if your sick or tired or wanna have company over.” I seem to push those thoughts away it’ll be dealt with if it comes up.

I feel like I’m in New Mexico or somewhere where the little town plaza is so endearing I have everything within reach…oh ice cream right there and that shop and simple little shop keepers across the street. I look around me and I’m so filled with promise the sky is filled with the golden sun descending (my favorite time of day) and I’m eager to explore the hillside and nature but I see a friend of mine (an original flower child of the 60’s) and we hug. I ask her to join me but she tells me she’s not feeling good and just then a friend of hers walks up and remarks “whats wrong with you?” There are vendors/artists selling their wares in the streets and this friend of hers consoles her and my friend introduces me to him and to other vendors. The lady next to my friend is selling fish she caught and packaged in this cool mailing envelope (like a letter -care package) but she is timid and you could tell is not confident in her ideas or new business venture.  I’m excited I now have dinner from a native and you can see how ecstatic I am (I’m vocally and physically excited) to know she provides it.  She’s now happy to sell something today and I feel a surge of confidence in her and I’m happy too.

This is my church. My home (heart) is an example of communion:
Listen I’m in no way saintly or without many faults but that’s why I’m here on this planet to see them and resolve them in me (hopefully) and because I want to improve I get guidance like this to help me. I pass on my own lessons to others as I am not a teacher with a lesson book! Hell no that would require a lot of uncomfortable lessons. Nah, I’m a scribe noting my spiritual history; this blog is my bible, my truth, some of my collections of communion with spirit.

So today is a day to plant new seeds of desire for the coming full moon or at least get in touch with what we really want and have a conversation with our souls each month at the very least (if we’re not doing it everyday).  I think this dream shows that we might come across other peoples desires that are sometimes completely opposite than our own and we don’t have to condemn them or even give/or get a rise, we can just acknowledge their needs but keep our own. Likewise we have the ability to support others in terms of encouragement of their dreams as simple as buying local or sharing expressions of excitement and awe of others talents even if we can’t afford them…someday we will and we want them to keep providing their services until both our seeds are matured for harvest.

Let’s hope the seeds we plant with good intention become the desires of others too.

My seed for tonight: GOD help me to live this peacefully and loving (as in the dream) as it felt amazing to live like a master lover!

ps. and beloved mother/father thank you for your encouragement to me to go forth with my invention as it might be the perfect find for someone too!

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