Happy Fathers Day

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Dear Father(s),

To the father who cupped my face in his hand all the time and sang while making meals and loved to party all the time; I learned the following from you:

  • To help those in need as much as you can, no matter if you’re a woman or man
  • To listen with the heart and see with compassionate eyes
  • To have fun and work just enough (although mom’s dedication trumped “just enough”) but share your true self with colleagues and friends, let yourself be dependable be more than an acquaintance; but a very good friend
  •  Laugh, joke and eat fruit everyday, flirt with life, give all your smiles away!
  • There is life after death and still much to learn, have no fear; love is the only way
  • Understand that no man is perfect but perfectly made; he may not use the gifts given to him or see yours right away
To the father who took me in when I was 16 headstrong and wild; your love for my mother stronger than fear of taking her 4 girls under your mighty wings: I learned these things:
  • Age and circumstance is nonexistent in true love
  • Intelligence is a form of committing
  • There are no limitations in learning or creating art
  • Music is medicine for all that ails
  • Gallantry exists and therefore I must search for it
So as I sail . . .I take you Father with me
I may drop anchor in the deep raging sea
but your guidance and past lessons
 are always supporting me
You pull me ashore when my arms are aching from the oars
of this life I made not just for me, 
but I know you’re always there
the anchor God’s given me
-Erica Sussette
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