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The following was written while under the influence of Mercury retrograde (June 5, 2015) when I tend to get pensive about a single thought that I end up sifting the layers which lead to many self-observations. I thought it was time to toss this blog out of drafts and into your lap:


I wonder if when I was born  . . .
I knew how to fear?
Did I see it? or feel it? or both?
Did I learn it?
Did the maternity nurse thinking of her troubles
integrate into my pure universe?
Did my mother dim out that darkness with the joy she gave out?

What is fear and how does it grow?

I recently learned of a story about a woman who traveled to Peru to once again to finish what the Shaman started; a soul retrieval.  She had to endure fighting images paired with pain not far from the movie “The Matrix,” where it’s not happening on one level, but if the mind believes it as real; then it is just for you. She drank what is considered a cure/drug and once you drink it there is no going back! You will be exposed to your fears and only YOU have the means of freeing yourself.

She describes it as frighting and gut wrenching, yet her higher self-beckons from the fiery pit of hell and therefore gains her courage and balks back at the images not accepting them as her destiny, and in doing so sets herself free and when she awakens she is a new person.

Recently I had a short dream, similar in the same formula. I had annoying spirits and spooks swirling around me like cobwebs with whispers and at first, I was just annoyed! I didn’t take them seriously until they wouldn’t stop blocking my view like a heavy veil or floaters in your eyes that you just want to eliminate to be normal and see clearly.

I screamed out to Archangel Michael to rid them for me.  I noticed that in screaming I was in turn, waking myself up from this dream and in my semi-consciousness, I then assessed the situation and although I was an observer (soul) quietly watching all layers of myself, I also was experiencing the trauma as you do in dreams. Lastly, my conscious mind was accounting for all the details of what/why/how. I had pieces of me scattered: one foot in the dream world and one foot in the ego and fully present but unseen in the higher self.

I heard my ego/mind speaking in rational thought of what was going on and methodically accessing the situation and simultaneously, I saw and experienced the spooks and fear still surrounding my dream image of me (as if I were watching myself on live TV) whereas my soul did not speak in words or in voice but in feeling and knowledge. My soul/observer was what I heard the loudest, but not in words or reason but in pure knowing. My soul was the most assuring but it wasn’t in communication we use as humans; it was inner guidance.

I heard my ego/mind voice concern “but you called Michael and nothing is happening, it’s going to get worse, that’s never happened before, he always comes-what will happen!” I could see my panic now take over the scene of me swatting the cobweb like ghosts now desperate for help as if that image now noted my thoughts, and the annoyance now turned to fear as my brain made the notion “why isn’t it working!” My soul felt it did work. In fact I did not see any changes in the image of me swatting away at creepy billows of smoke with faces, but I felt protected in the midst of it.  I was starting to physically stir awake as my brain was alert and making more notations trying to figure out why I was so confident when (all three layers of us) did not see anything changed in the scene. I was now pulling away from it and waking up and I internally knew/felt Michael was there; but there was nothing to do.  I was protected, but only my ego state/dream image believed that it was still happening, but my soul (or like Neo knew in the Matrix -there are no bullets that could penetrate him) it never happened nor will it unless I see it as possible.

How many times must the universe give me this lesson….uh many!!! Following the dream, I got to experience the dark and light of this delicate balance of inner guidance and higher self vs. the ego/mind. I would imagine things I really would like to have and they would manifest pretty darn fast, but just like a child that automatically formulates gratitude and happiness in receiving many gifts they deem as worthy; I got to experience the opposite too as like an adult who abandons the idea of gifts given in many ways and sometimes not to our liking.

I encountered disappointment (that I chose to internally accept as deserving of a self-beating) in the form of a critique, and here came the spooks in the form of self deprecation and yet I had forgotten it was me creating more images to swat (ill thoughts of myself) letting this seep into my reality and making it something.  What if I had chosen to laugh or shoot out my heart like I learned in other dream lessons. Well, again I am protected by love… Harry Potter ain’t the only one! I did receive gifts too..backyard eggs fresh from a friend (abundance and fertility) a handmade candle that smelled delicate and sweet (light) and a seedling tomato plant (new life/possibilities) that very same day!  So perhaps I needed to be grateful again to see and understand what and who I am in the bigger picture vs. the image I created in fear of not being excellent in one’s view and was that view tainted by their own ghosts pushing them into my view???

Although my day was far easier when I acknowledged my thoughts, I heard why I needed to learn this today.  A friend of mine is afraid of her dreams she is seeing cataclysmic images in her dreams and they match what I have seen/dreamed back in 2010 and what another friend shared with me the beginning of this year in her dreams.  I know better than to share them with you as that would cause you to start swatting and seeing things that may become out of fear, but no matter what we see, hear or experience; everything has a reason. We have the power to step away from ill thoughts and power up internally but we need all the collective wattage we can muster to change what’s been whispered in our ears or shown in the past or forcefully pushed on us or even predicted to us in fear.

I Believe in world peace but that would need a good share of us focusing, feeling and acting in major love.  What is World Peace to you… what does that look and feel like to you? Do you have prejudice or limited sharing capacity in picturing the whole world with current events or even past histories of countries you just don’t trust or haven’t forgiven? What do you think needs to happen first in order to achieve Peace? ERASE THOSE THOUGHTS and Swat those ghosts, only a higher power knows (the same guidance that assured me that there were no ghosts or to that woman, there are no obstacles just protect your thoughts from negative harm). What if our part needed for change is to simply start the healing by observing/seeing an abundant world?  A picture book story in your mind creating people of all lands eating healthy foods, drinking clean/protected sacred water EVERYONE in plenitude.  There are no longer needs, no obsession for “more,” or “not enough,” “I’m better than.” We are all invited everywhere and anywhere on this planet to stay and experience without conditions or restrictions in any country or home because we have a willingness to give only our highest joys-one love. That’s world peace to me. I leave my loot at the front door and my gracious host doesn’t pat me down for payment and I don’t need to worry about what I left on the doorstep as I am provided for and so is the host knowing there is plenty in abundance.

I dream of a beautiful world without fear, strategy or planning in self-interest but pure joy and love as the collective ingredient. 

What we see is what we get
What we do, is how we receive
What you want 
we all share
What you give
is given onto us all
What you love
Loves you back . . . be it greed, fear to sharing in joy
Who you are 
is waiting for you to begin 

Think Responsibly & Happy Independence Day as your independent view rules world peace

The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. photo found on
 read this story in link below


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