Is It Alarming or Have You Just Over Slept?

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I have grown accustomed to listening, looking and reading signs, synchronicity, and signals.

I feel guidance EVERY day…be it a sleeping dream, an insect or animal making it’s way into my day, it could be words spoken or read that give me pause; I know I’m to note them in my consciousness they are to help me grow, succeed or assist others now or in the near future.

This week I’ve noticed something odd. A car belonging to a friend parked near my front office door, kept having the alarm go off the beginning of this week for two days. It was maddening and I tried to be thoughtful of her feeling of shame, blamed by every colleague who was incensed by it’s interruption to their students. “It’s not her fault,” I would think, but I found myself growing cranky by the minute of the distraction of my focus. The next day she gave me the keys and shyly asked if I help her since everyone is complaining and it doesn’t happen at home, she can’t figure out why only here;and all of a sudden.  I took on the job, but the sucker was going off so often I couldn’t keep up with my tasks and then people were annoyed with me!  I moved the car all over the parking lot but nothing improved it. The next day she had called the dealership and learned to turn it off until she can visit this weekend to test and determine it’s alarm sensitivity. That was today and up until 10 am we had peace and quiet until a white car with a license plate with a 222 took it’s place and lights and sirens kept on for a good hour but where I muttered before in unpleasantness, I now laughed.

You see it finally took the license plate number and  the number of  days (3 times is a charm; the Holy Trinity) to finally get my attention.  222 according to Doreen Virtue’s angel definition is “Everything will turn out for the best in the long-term. Do not put energies into negativity -be aware that all is being worked out by spirit for the highest good of all involved; keep up the good work you are doing, evidence of your manifestations are coming to fruition.”  This was great as I had a dream showing me a fast pass to happiness, when I least expect it.

That’s a great message to keep although my mind wondered and my intuition feels as if the alarm could be linked with the Biggest Solar Flares and the eclipse happening…are we having unrest underground? Let’s see we did have hail in Huntington Beach that looked like snow to extreme heat days later; Spring is now Summer and Winter is a fairy tale in California.  Things are no longer in our control and I have to believe for good reason. I’ve always felt the weather reflected our emotions too hot headed or too cold- not enough empathy, either way the car is honking for us to wake up no more sleeping in get yourself centered and balanced and help yourself to heaping servings of love at first irritation/heartbreak/sadness so you can help others and this earth will benefit.

I came across this from mysticmamma:

From the wise SARAH VARCAS from her Astro
“An eclipse here speaks of completion on a grand scale… This degree of the zodiac brings to a close great cycles of time and change, major life themes and patterns.
“An eclipse here reminds us the cosmos has its own timetable, weaving its design through our lives with or without our consent.
“We are faced with the choice to synchronize our timepiece of the heart with that of the heavens or occupy our own time zone – sometimes in synch, sometimes way out of it, struggling to impose our own schedule upon the unfolding of sacred creation.
“The endings we face now, be they losses, disappointments or liberating closure, remind us of the need for deep and abiding alignment with the god-force from here on in, as it threads its way through our lives.
“The cycles now ending offered certain challenges, opportunities and emergent wisdom. They required choices, the distant outcomes of which we now face.
“Those made in alignment with the evolutionary imperative of awakening reveal powerful new beginnings on the near horizon, crystallizing as we speak. Past courage will reap rewards of freedom and deep peace.
“Decisions made out of fear, from a defensive heart, reveal now the fading of a future self even as we gaze upon it: opportunities lost, the time for action passed. We may feel burdened with shame or regret, sadness or grief. But no matter the pain this moment may hold, there is comfort and hope at hand…”
“Don’t look away. Whatever you see at this time, in the symbolic darkness of an obscured Sun, don’t look away.No matter what, it cannot diminish the authentic self within.
“This Real Self has power, it carries weight. It challenges the very foundations of life as we know it.
“It refuses to conform to mindless notions of right and wrong, to dictates of value and worth that dishonor inner wealth. It sees through artifice, laughs in the face of shame and denies everything but the bold and beautiful truth.
The world is not ready for the Real Self and yet still it emerges, in you and in me, in the collective psyche which twists and turns to accommodate a deeper knowing that nothing is as it seems.
“The Real Self emerges every time we stop and wait, sensing the integrity of the moment, the deep, pulsating beat of the unified heart, time-keeper of our collective awakening.
“It grows in strength and fortitude each time we honor its wisdom over and above the expectations and demands of the external world which denies all but that which can be counted, compared and traded.
“The Real Self knows that to think one’s own thoughts is the only path to freedom, whilst the world demands unthinking conformity and the False Self agrees.
“The power of this solar eclipse will remove rose-tinted glasses and veils that hide the truth.
“We cannot stop it nor can we choose to postpone our own awakening. This – right here, right now – is the end of denial, the end of artifice, the end of avoidance.
“This is life in all its terrible grace and terrifying beauty. For this we were born: a visceral, unavoidable, undeniable confrontation with the very heart of All That Is.
“We may greet this eclipse in mourning or ecstasy, in freedom or bondage, but wherever we find ourselves we are living the life shaped by choices made, commitments honored, promises broken and betrayals enacted since the collective spirit was shaken awake never again to sleep.
“Each moment since then has been a step upon the path to awakening. Whether those steps have taken us deeper into truth or into shadow has no impact on their power.
“Each one has shaped who we are and the relationship we now have with the authentic and sacred self within.
“We are precisely who we have caused ourselves to be. The extent to which we have denied the truth or sacrificed its pursuit in favor of security reveals the extent to which we must now change and grow in ever more vital and transformative ways.
“The past is gone. Never was this statement more true, for second chances – third and fourth – have all dissolved. Opportunities missed may never return.
“We had our chance and did with it as we saw fit. Now here we stand at the grand closure of a cosmic cycle, reviewing its shape in our lives, invited by the cosmos into deep reflection on how we best move forward from here.
“Let it go: regret or shame, sorrow or sadness for chances now gone. They were not for you or me this time around.
“New ones await us the other side of the darkened Sun. They hold promise of wisdom and hope of freedom from all that held us back before.
“The cosmic clock continues to tick-tock its way through our awakening as our hearts synchronize to respond, this time without hesitation, heeding the call of the divine to prioritize truth above all.”
© Copyright 2015 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved

 This made me pause, because I questioned my decisions and actions: Did I do enough? Was I brave? . . did I try?  I found my heart saying “yes,” and my sadness was removed I no longer carry it because I was shown I was shedding for a reason; change is needed for me and should I mention a snake appeared THAT DAY I had questioned myself as doing enough? &

I think of the movie “Defending Your Life,” and I encourage you to watch it on this Solar Eclipse, New Moon and ask yourself what are you not sharing with the world that is limiting your happiness? Ask the Eclipse to Clip it out and the New Moon will replace it with something you deserve for the work you are willing to do or have done.

Defending Your Life (1991) – TrailerDefending Your Life -Trailer

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