La Luna Eclipse

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‘Why are you on your knees dear child?’

“Your image brings me to tears, as if your darkness mirrors our fears, “as above so below.”

‘Your planet must wipe out the old with the new, the old way of “mine,” must be restored with the “I AM” in universal truth.’

“We have much to change and I seem to understand that ….there’s no time for “soon”…by the symbol of your rising already transformed is what the universe is asking us to do.”

‘Yes my dear this is the call to all of you. Your neighbor is not responsible for the kindness, compassion and happiness you seek in your neighborhood; you all must participate and willingly perceive all the needs of others in your choices and deeds. It’s not for the one, but for the many. It’s not for your joy behind closed doors, but the ripple you leave when your love is engaged helping each other – no one is further supreme; as you are all miraculous loving light beings.”

“Luna your fading in the dark, how do we cope when we’re faced by our own darkness and faults?”

‘In your darkness you can feel like the blind man sees, the beauty of God guiding you through many senses he’s given, making you grateful for what you have when you use all your abilities. You will gain more tools, some that will seem profound but God has always included you to make miraculous changes to your world and to its creatures and all that surround. “
-La Luna in eclipse

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