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You can claim  you have a sense of ‘Responsibility’

 when you’re being called to do something out of the ordinary  . . . 

or you can claim ‘being responsible’ as a way out!

What if the Responsible Choice is to Respond?

We are like the saying “we are creatures of habit.” I have my daily/night rituals and just the other day I reversed; like eating the fortune cookie first before the meal- and I got a message because of it.

Usually, I start & end my days with meditation/prayer/gratitude then I check out my calendar and horoscope and other modes of habits, but not on October 15. That day I did my usual mediation but skipped the rest and jumped into the day without preparation. It was a good day but something different did come of it. That night upon setting my alarm I finally read my horoscope then my calendar-WOW did I miss something?  Yes! I had forgotten earlier that day I had stared at this time lapse shot of Machu Picchu by National Geographic and said in my head “I have to go, and soon they won’t allow visitors in order to preserve it.” Now I wasn’t sure on this as fact, it was just something I felt (I’ve come to find our you now need guides no sitting about to meditate).

So imagine as I start to get ready for work the next day, and put on the radio and hear one of my favorite hosts featuring a healer I’ve always wanted to meet and learn from and . . .they’re discussing their trip to Machu Picchu -with room for 10 listeners! “WHAT!” I slam my toothbrush down “What are the odds!” I turn it off I can’t be distracted now I need to hear this entirely when I’m not so hurried and gathered my kids and headed for work.

My work day was a good day, but I had one difference. . . a friend came in with a deck of spirit cards (nature deck I’ve never seen before) and said “pull one!” I quickly obliged before I get caught with them and two came out “Indi” the card of “indecision, wishy-washing ,commitment, decision making.  I frown. Darn I thought I had turned a new leaf on that and finally committed to releasing that what doesn’t serve my happiness. The other card that fell out was “Solus”-Knowledge, Consciousness, Synthesis, Spiritual Empowerment.

My friend came back and asked what I picked. I showed her and explained how I wasn’t sure about Indi, but Solus brought up how I had seen Machu Picchu and then heard about it today.  I show her my IG the night prior and how interesting to see the correlation in the words ‘moving mountains’ on my calendar that was about a dream. I had that dream I think in 2011, about seeing the planets align through a telescope and then seeing a big piece of land held out above the ocean like the avatar movie. She remarks “wow!” I didn’t get it a first,  but then seeing her eyes flash It hits me. . .”OH!, I could move mountains, the air the mountains- my dream!” I guess I’m going. . . .somehow.

Upon leaving work I was told my tire is bald and I make a mental list of what else my mode of transportation is in great need of.  I now understand “Indi’s” role heavily played in the title of this blog. “I have to work and this trip is the end of May a busy time at work and away from my kids for 10 days yikes . . . and not to mention what this costs!” Yet, I can’t help but feel like I’m being observed on how I respond or don’t according to the divine. Do I trust in fate or not? 

Well messengers come in the form of animals and meanings as I will note:

I stayed up late last night trying to get an upbeat and emotional pleasing answer to my desire without feeling guilty in either direction; it didn’t come about. This morning I was awoken by so many parrots (parrots mean: magic, color therapy, language new skills-this is the 2nd time they’ve done this) surrounding my home that their noise first crept in my dream then stirred me awake. “No, I’m not coming out, what do you want!” I remembered my desire for going on this trip vs. the responsibility in not going. I finally roll out but they’ve gone, yet many little sparrows (self-worth) welcome me out as they swarm my yard. Awwhh cute. I don’t hear the parrots anymore. Good I’m going back to sleep and miraculously I did and fell into a dream.

I dreamed I was leaving work to go to lunch, yet swam down a canal gently using my scuba flippers as I see cultural commerce on the busy sidewalks and suddenly I’m in a office where someone has puppies ( guides/companions/loyal) and even a Mogwai (gremlins movie but when sweet) and I’m loving them all.  I see the back of a ostrich just a rear of plumes (don’t hide from the choice or place in the rear of your mind to deal with) and then I see a baby Camel walk in (journey, pilgrimage, conservation); all the animals were babies not full grown. I wake up “uhh okay weird but I was awoken by birds so why not more animals.” Sometime later while writing about this dream I hear the Hawk “oh man a message.” I go outside and while seeing him circle did I her the parrots in the neighborhood and a red throat hummingbird (joy) comes up close to me and I mumble I know “follow your bliss.”

Now I see the guidance but that does not mean I have the okay the green light or easy peezy street; then again I may not be allowing that . . .  right hummingbird!


Knowledge. Consciousness. Synthesis.

Spiritual Empowerment.
From The Faeries’ Oracle
Solus is radiant, energizing, and vitalizing.
This presence in a reading often indicates that something
new is being brought into being in our lives,
partly through our own efforts and
partly through the help we are receiving from other realms.
Miracles may take place.
Movement into the light is occurring.
This is a time for taking action, passing on
our blessings and learning,

and for service given from a position of strength

Indecision. Wishy-washing. Commitment. Decision making. It’s decision time. Time to make up your mind, make a decision, then stick to your commitments. Set yourself a definite time period to complete your decision, right down to the day and hour. Give yourself time to put the decision into practice before it is too late. Once that arbitrary but carefully judged decision time is set, ask for guidance for your highest good; then weigh, consider, ponder, and gather information. If we do this, and if we have asked for aid, the answer seems somehow to fall magically into place at the appointed time; then it is just a matter of trusting that answer and carrying it through. We can ask for help with that as well, if we wish. It is willingly given.
PS. Thanks mom for the video; crazy synchronicity!
Of course they say it’s all a hoax and perhaps it is, but everything logical or not is still shown for a reason but synchronicity is never wasted on me.

UPDATE 11/15/15:

I inquired about this trip immediately and put my “Indi-ana” safari hat on and No Indi, I didn’t waste time . . .I just didn’t have the required resources of time and money; but I tried. Although the hat is back on the hook hanging by the front door I don’t intend it to collect dust!  Since then I just happen to find other trips in my inbox all calling out the adventurer in me and other things in my life are springing up taking up my time and focus . . .for now anyway.

The birds are in particular quite influential and quite honestly have always been, but I’ve noticed twice now that the hawk is signaling not only messages pertaining to my life personally as I believe it always has, but to the collective whole and warning of emotional impact incoming (Paris prayers).

Not long after this original post I learned of a huge storm approaching Mexico and if that was bad enough, my sisters would be traveling there at this time.  I prayed and didn’t feel anything menacing but other emotional concerns were taking up the space in my heart so I couldn’t be certain of it’s outcome.  Having a heavy heart and not being able to concentrate on work (but it was a Friday so there’s that) I was elated to hear of white birds spotted on campus. I ran to still find them white doves/pigeons as they were described not moving or scared of humans.  They didn’t try to take off and let me photograph them I tired to understand their message. Was this pertaining to Mexico and my family; would they be okay? Did this pertain to my other concerns? Doves are peace and the color white which for me means “everything is or will be okay,” they are symbolic of  weddings and funerals which was it today? Are they pigeons a false representative of divination at least to me they are two different birds one is wild and can never be tamed whereas the pigeons can be loyal to those that feed them and have homing skills inherent in their senses where doves don’t; hence the miracle in noah’s ark in a dove returning.

I decided I was over analyzing and left it as “don’t worry everything is as it should be.” I tried to find the birds after work worried they were used in a service and lost but they had disappeared.  As we all would come to find out that the storm did not come and demolish Mexico and thankfully it only diminished and my sisters had a lovely time.  On Monday I found mass amounts of white feathers and learned of the skeleton left behind of one birds and had no question of it’s meaning it was a divine message and true to divinity it holds many layers and many answers: Yes all will be alright with your family, Yes there is a wedding and a funeral as a mate was lost but we are here in guidance and love.

IG of finding birds:

They both didn’t make it back home

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