Like Butter

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Imagine a freshly made bread loaf pulled from the oven.

It’s aroma’s captures your senses and your hunger pulls you to many choices of spreads, but the simplicity of butter and honey anticipate you licking off your fingertips.

You should wait for it to cool. You should put on perhaps a kettle to boil, or open the curtains to capture the beauty outside to match within…but you don’t stop to plan; you pounce.

You grab the knife and with clean linen, you hold down one end while slicing on the other.

Your knife drags across the crusty surface hearing it crack and hiss as it unleashes hot steam and you marvel at the butter diving into this perfect pillow to seep in just for you, melting away your current thoughts solely for your joy.

This is inspiration pulled out of the heart

This is what happens when I allow gratitude to spill over the side and splash around me.

This is what I can do when I let love pierce me and let myself ooze.

I can do this with music. I have done it with you.

All my memories are rich even the ones that drew blood because pain allows us to choose. -Erica Sussette

You can make it a gluten-free loaf if it paints a better picture but it’s the feeling I was aiming for. I was just listening to Dream 3 of Max Richter and I remember sleeping under the stars hearing him play in the park live and I was back again in that memory hugging myself for that gift and opportunity. In fact, I’m very thankful for the opportunities given to me. My previous entry of the bluebird was true, I found joy in the middle of trying times and I found my power come to the surface in my words conveying my heartache and truth.

I won’t share what transpired but I did learn “the dark night of the soul is a choice.” You can believe you are alone or you can pull from the heavens and ask for the truth blatantly adding and asking to be exposed of your part in it, and accepting the fate and results to be higher than what you want as the outcome; that is when peace is given because YOU REQUIRED IT.

If we can cut off the ego (head) from “winning or being right” while praying (with the heart) we can understand the disconnect and get true direction to what is needed and you’ll be surprised to hear your soul speak for you unwavering and determined for the well being you prayed for.

l learned the dark night of the soul is a choice I could stay in fear and pain and I did for 3 days I took off of work and so wounded I wouldn’t fight it off but allowed it in, feeling the misery, fear, and chatter of the darkness fill my senses and I could feel my soul discard it in a protective film it wouldn’t stick. I didn’t know all details but I do believe there’s is a reason for this I am not a victim but a participant.

I still didn’t know what the right thing to do was. I asked for guidance like I had many times before but now I trusted it and I walked in and my heart spilled out and I heard myself and I was amazed at the clarity and strength I thought was lost in stress. We are not alone and we are closely cared for when we SEEK to be true and we dare to love ourselves even in our faults or misses the truth really does come out and set you free.

Shortly after my car died and again I didn’t go to the victim or woes me but I felt again my strength come up in wisdom (it’s a feeling apart from your body is the best I can describe it but it has weight to it- an embodied sense) there was something positive about this situation and I decided to follow the spirit coming outta nowhere before doubt dispelled it. I called my friend what could I do? He sent me a new car to try out. He literally had someone drive it to my home an hour away which allowed me to do timely things that were necessary and very helpful. I accepted the help and I knew it was time for me to let go of fear and attend to my needs and he gracefully came in like the butter on the fresh slice and melted me with his ability to trust in me and work with me. I’m so happy, relieved and renewed I feel excited each time I get into my little “hero” (or Hero-San with Samurai slang voiced by my sister) named appropriately.

THANK YOU GOD. Thank you Blue Bird! Thank you Spirit and thank you Ken Grody Ford of Carlsbad!

Happy Birthday Sister and Beloved Love Lesson 




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