A Blue Bird Promise

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I’d really like to skip my “fast-paced, suck it up, think fast, be smart, OMG, hold firm and true” life marathon; but it has a significance to what is presently showing up.

I had a dream of waking up on an island. I see a turtle in my room I can see tourist outside my window, in fact, they are too close for my comfort but the view is lovely. Puzzled I see 2 whales in the sand (odd) but they weren’t hurt. I tell my roommate and she tells me she’s seriously considering moving to Turtle Island with her lover and I start to look for a new place to live on my own. I didn’t have to move out I could’ve gotten another roommate we all loved living by the lake but I was so tired of the constant “I’m thinking of moving out,” conversations it wore my nerves down and considering I was solely the one who placed a deposit I thought “whose to say I don’t get lucky with the next roommate again and if they careless trash the room I’m stuck with the bill!” I set out on my own found one in walking distance from my work. The only problem they promised me a unit but switched on me and gave the available unit to someone else even though I was first and approved. I had no time to keep looking I had to pack and get out in 2 weeks or pay another month and lose money. “They” decided the bigger unit was perfect for me but it wasn’t ready for 2 weeks or more after my move out date. Furious I was going to go for my second location choice but then I decided to ‘walk my talk’ and so I sat in the salt bath as I do when I’m stuck and need answers put on my 432-hertz music and meditated. I got my answer to go for it regardless and look up rates for staying vs. storage or loading on a truck and park it. Turns out I was to load the truck and store it for a week. In short, I had many obstacles, trials, and tribulations in these 2 weeks but all my decisions were tested to see how I’d react to swift changes and sudden workloads with keeping gratitude as a flotation device.

I was exhausted and honestly, I’m just coming out of it but I’m a bit fazed. I succeeded in keeping calm and going with the flow I really finally learned to trust these twists and turns to lead me to what is right for me and this place turned out to be in my favor (although I find it’s like the dream I’m too close to the hubbub my window is too close to the street scene but I’m pretty close to the beach and the 2 whales stuck was a message for my roommate). Like the dream, I did find myself in a new beginning and not just a new place but I realized I needed to put boundaries in many places: work, friends, kids, etc., where I was getting drained and I’m okay if I’m not saving or rescuing anyone. I’m letting those around me learn their lessons or work just as hard -it’s the only way we grow stronger. So, to say the least, I’ve been busy every day and weekends in duties and I’ve lost my time outdoors in nature (plus the mustard bushes are killing me) I feel a disconnect and no exercise and so I’m in need of a vacation to find some happiness or a new gig. I pray to God thanks for getting me through it but I need more help I’m like a dull knife in the hands of a bad chef.

Christina Perry “little victories”

My sister sends me a song (she’s my magic messenger) that fits and it seems the chef is sharpening its knives and prepping the kitchen again inside me. Then last night I dream of another messenger.

I wake up excited then quickly I turn it down in doubt. It must’ve been the stuff I heard on youtube and I shove it aside. I noticed how easily I trust my other dreams why is this any different (oh God I’m putting myself back in the butcher block). I decided to open my heart “it’s okay it’s true you won’t be disappointed this one will come through for you don’t be so guarded let it show up or make the eye contact you’ve been ignoring or shy to accept from strangers.” After 30 minutes of clocking in for work 3 students run up to me exclaiming “emergency” and they have 2 baby birds that were apparently blown out of the nest and soaking wet from the rain. My hands are on fire eager to assist these babies. My passion ignites feeling my gift I can give in helping and feeling its purpose- light up my being. I’m not the only one. A student for his 8th-grade project 3 years prior studied, built and made a presentation on the importance of bluebird house on campus. After I was done he carefully and sweetly returned them to the nest in the bluebird house he made that somehow slipped open in our winds this breezy wet morning and it was touching to see a young man driven and responsible.

wet and wrapped in paper towels

“Birds are messengers on earth to remind humans of divinity” I read once. I think of what blue birds mean and I know it’s a good omen they always feel like a special day to encounter one fluttering past you in shiny bright feathers.

I see the blue feathers

I decide to look up the meaning and the first thing that pops up is this website and their interpretation:


“The only favor that the bluebirds ask for is for you to be aware of whatever sources of happiness surround you so that you can reap the happiness out of those sources. Being a bird that comes to spread happiness, as the bluebird meaning suggests, it is its job to ensure your well-being. As it’s said, you can’t earn unless you don’t know what surrounds you. Just like the saying, unless you are aware of what can be a source of happiness for you, you can’t extract the happiness out of that source. Thus, be aware of your surroundings, and monitor the changes that come along.”

Bluebirds are birds of happiness thus if you see one around you, it is a lucky sign for you on that specific day.


Bluebird symbolism

The bluebird does not have a lot of friends but is still very cheerful in its nature. The bluebird’s main symbolism is associated with happiness, but it also symbolizes transitional effects in our life. For example, when you are about to step into a new chapter of life, the bluebird intervenes and approaches you to signal you that the decisions and steps that you are about to take are going to be a source of happiness for you (keep the bluebirds meaning in your mind). Therefore, the visiting of a bluebird is a good sign, and you should act upon it immediately.”

Okay Heaven I hear you and you hear me!

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