Blood Moon Eclipsed (Sudden Changes)

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The Blood Moon Eclipse was struck by debris and because it was dark we were able to view this collision. I seem to notice the correlations of everything linking to events that shine a light on darkness but in the end can change our trajectories to what’s needed

I know my senses are on point and peaked since October of last year. I’m not in any way stating I suddenly know the lottery numbers or the future I’m just noticing BIG CHANGES and Suddenly… are you? I mean I can find myself locking my gaze on something like my attention on a book I pass by every day but as I stared at it my phone beeps from a friend and luckily I had it at my fingertips and as you can see sent it fast. Another example I found a photo of my daughter yesterday when she was 4 yrs old on a cruise ship. At that age, you don’t know who or what they’ll grow up to accomplish but I had been reminiscing stories about her in childhood this week. Particularly on this trip how it seemed everyone knew her name and nickname Tiger and Tricky and not because she wasn’t obedient she just challenged the order of things she couldn’t stand to be considered or labeled as a just a child; she insisted peer to peer, soul to soul, tell it like it is I can understand (duh) and as I write this I learn of her acceptance into a University to go after Political Science, economy and Arabic studies (it’s perfect and I’m elated). It’s my soul knowing and preparing me before I really know, before the sudden onset and I’m not alone.

Let’s look at this stranger and it’s hard to watch his agony because his soul knew and probably pulled on him, but we overwrite the script handed to us  Blood moon sounds scary and negative and yet that’s what’s going on but the blood on our hands are illuminated with guidance in changing our ways and suddenly too (hello Government can you hear us).

I went with my ex to see our son’s game together and I pull into his garage full of neatly arranged equipment I think “man, who has to sort this stuff out after he’s gone” -remembering having to help move his parents out and the retail therapy shopping in the garage was alarming. I wondered why that popped into my head but I found myself looking at the cost of a will later that evening and I didn’t make the correlation I was just interested in having that information. A few days later I would learn that someone I know would learn of her ex-husband and the responsibility of being the next of kin linked to the children.  I had a friend in tears who came up to ask if we had literature on how to speak to children of the death of their parent. She was overwhelmed by the news that we both received, and she had two other close friends who suddenly died or committed suicide blindsided by tragedy leaving behind children with their mothers. It’s a wakeup call to love one another and forget the petty because you don’t want to live with the “What if'” and carry it around; love is the key.

A colleague asked me to continue to bring and read a mediation at our meetings but this time I didn’t have to stick to our course books I could choose. I thought of MLK Jr and I type in “quotes” but a title catches me and I choose this  We read it together and it elevates our views of contention we’d been having and later I find out they shared it with other team members having a rough time. I almost hesitated using it because it might sound like I’m making a point but when I removed “myself’ out and just read the message I KNEW I was directed to love and that I had to get back online with this Love thy Enemy message too.

A day later this same colleague shares this song stuck in a loop in the mind, playing it over and over on the drive to work and insists that we hear it. We read the words as its sung:

I ask “are you, my messenger? we laugh “are you mine?” and I think on this gorgeous song. I don’t live in pain but maybe somebody needs me to sing this to them or I am to pass this onto you so that you may understand someone “misunderstood.” In any case, I KNOW it’s something for someone and if not for you then you can at least admire this “real love” song and put it into practice.

Be far-reaching in love and listen inside so you’re ready and prepared to aid.


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