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Original Rider Waite Tarot

The Hanged Man shows a man suspended from a T-shaped cross made of living wood. He is hanging upside-down, viewing the world from a completely different perspective, and his facial expression is calm and serene, suggesting that he is in this hanging position by his own choice. He has a halo around his head, symbolizing new insight, awareness and enlightenment. His right foot is bound to the tree, but his left foot remains free, bent at the knee and tucked in behind his right leg. His arms are bent, with hands held behind his back, forming an inverted triangle. The man is wearing red pants representing human passion and the physical body, and a blue vest for knowledge. The Hanged Man is the card of ultimate surrender, of being suspended in time and of martyrdom and sacrifice to the greater good.

So recently I encountered inspiration from something I’ve always enjoyed but wouldn’t put it in my resume or biography necessarily but here I FOUND MYSELF IN A NEW SPACE OF PASSION. Geez, passion has been so absent and probably why I found myself positioned as stagnant and blocked professionally and as a sole family provider (you just don’t walk away so easily) having my mind calculate a way out or as Madeleine describes in her reading “digging a tunnel out.” Check her out she’s adorable you’ll fall in love with her spirit.

I realized I was looking at my current job in the wrong way, I had the image of the hanged man come in and I looked at this problem sideways and upside down and suddenly I had a new recourse in this simple action. Instead of planning for leaving in a certain timeline and feeling it drag I view it now as a part-time job. My center will be my creative expression in a new project and I believe this little stream will offset not only some needed coins but bring me more joy in creating and that’s alchemy’s key to manifesting or making dreams alive.

I have been turned off by “goal setting” as I grow older and that might be wrong in most opinions, but I personally found myself disheartened when life impedes a different challenge as we make our way up our goal posts. I remember I saw the movie UP with my kids and OH I hated how it showed life throwing stones at their careful planning wish jar, it broke my heart. For now I have to go with the flow and just begin with a direction and allow passion to lead me and it does to many new opportunities because you are naturally open to the creative experience and when the unexpected comes in either good or bad energy it doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks it only has you looking for a way around it …’or digging your way out’ because you want it; not because you promised or committed to it.

I’m inspired by someones’ passion, not only their ideas. I don’t get upset anymore if I hadn’t created it first (I don’t mix envy with inspiration) I mean I wish I had don’t get me wrong, but rather we can come to admire how talented someone is and spark something inside. I have a painting above my bed from an 80-year-old artist who woke up one day in a retirement home in her 70’s if I recall correctly, and said to herself “I wish I could paint.” and then heard a voice say in her ear “you can.” She asked for supplies and without any training, she flourished and my sister and I bought her paintings at an Anthroposophy bookstore. I only had to look up to get that reminder, ah the hangman is a great archetype for a greater vision.

ps. Tarot is not for me “the answers I’m searching for” but stories that hold personal fables to see people, experiences and obstacles in a different expression than the one we have created in our past experiences.



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