Ready or Not, Here Thy Come!

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If you had a chance to meet a messenger angel, and you could get a direct answer to one personal question to God but you don’t have time to ponder; ask it NOW! 

What would you like to know?

What would be the most burning or important question you could ask? You’ve only got seconds to think so what’s been on your mind scrunching your eyebrows?

I heard this question recently on YouTube from Caroline Myss and it might not be verbatim but close. I answered honestly . . .which means I answered selfishly as my question was about me; not my children or family but I did swipe them across my mind.

I answered aloud: “What is my reason for being here, my purpose, my dharma and tell me without heeding my ego?”  I felt my insides drop because the answer could be simple unattractive, no fanfare or worse completed (lol).  I studied my response to the question and felt embarrassed and a bit shameful because I didn’t want to be ordinary or without merit without really helping in someway, but I did ask for the truth and readying for answer I knew I had a lot to learn. 

You would think I’d ask about the three things people usually ask of a psychic: Love, Career and Family. But this is God we’re talking about! Those things are all inclusive to me. I mean we have those choices to love another intimately, create a family and how to earn a living or go after a dream. .. but did we choose or act accordingly to our highest purpose and those around us Yikes!!! I don’t think I’m ready for the progress report card on love, work and family. I know I have work to do and I do keep it close to my heart and I’m grateful for each day I can focus at getting better at it. I’m also grateful I don’t have serious limitations or situations that are pinning me down at asking or pleading “why?” instead of ”what?” 

I think my soul answered the question somewhat, or at least opened me up to see what I really want humanly vs. what I want to know soul wise.

So keep asking yourself real questions to find out who you really are! You might have the chance to ask a question. . .and let me tell you; be ready (seek) cause you’re not ready for the answer, but it will be given.

ps.  I think it’s interesting that what has been on my mind, tugging my thoughts and heart was not even considered as a question to ask. Why? Perhaps deep inside I know already there’s something to be fulfilled and gained in loss . . .and I trust it. I surprise myself and your question will too!

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