Roses are Red

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Roses are pink when you’re thoughtful and sweet!

Roses are white when you’re committing to unite for life.

Red Roses are for setting the bed on fire with desires that sparks true love like hot wildfire!

-Erica Sussette

It’s interesting how we “find” the right thing to read when we’ve noticed something that pulls us from out of our normal existence into a living dream.  I have friends that call it “predetermined manifestation” due to me calling it forth in my desires. I also believe we are all guided and spoken to in divine ways so maybe this is a “marker” for “you’re getting close.” I don’t know how it works …YET!  I do know I was guided to this particular store today and I wanted to write in my blog about what I’ve experienced but it’s too private and yet it’s now viable to be peeked at, just by reading a horoscope.

Yesterday I wrote a poem about being on a “Cliff” having no fear to dive over and experience what I naturally feel compelled to explore.  Okay, that was that and at the same time, my daughter asked if I could take her to the art store for a special artist pen.  “Sure, we have Aaron Bros down the street … .but you know I just got an image in my head of this big art store and I’m not sure if I dreamt it or if it’s real but let me go where I think it is.” We head there and BOOM oh yeah it exists I must’ve seen it previously and noted it unconsciously and we go inside.
What greets me makes me feel nostalgic like an old memory that kinda hurts and also feels warm and familiar in my heart…My dream of The Los Angeles (See previous post “Growth Spurts” for details) but it’s basically a HUGE RED ROSE taller than myself.
I almost didn’t photograph it wanting to leave that memory in the compost bin for always teasing me, but never transpiring. Can it be recycled now for the right gardener who will make it grow (can I get an AMEN) let me reap what I sow!
Now about an hour ago I thought “Hey, I never read my August horoscope from Susan Miller.” so I go to read it and see this:

More good news is that your ruling planet, Saturn, which has been retrograde since March 25, will go direct on August 13. This is really good news, because when your ruler awakens, it is in a position to help you more effectively than it was when retrograde, which is a kind of sleep state. Whenever a big planet goes from retrograde to direct (as it will August 13), watch what kind of news you get – it should be uplifting. When a big planet turns, it always gives a clue of what’s to come. Give August 13 a plus or minus two days.
Think back to what happened on or within two days of March 25, the date nearly five months ago that might have felt like a setback. Look at your email to follow the breadcrumbs and see what happened. This month, August 13 and days near it should bring happy news.   I guess this epiphany is the happy news! more to the formula just today 8/12: Angel Souls validates again! click here for link

So I looked back and what did I have in my journal for this time frame but this (already formulating what I will face in about 6 months time – an emotional wipe out)! 

Dream:Car on autopilot takes me to edge of boulder overlooking lake way below scary must reverse in high water to trail later giant roses
9:08 AM – 25 Mar 2016
Notes:MLC called her dream of me matches mine. I’m a lifeguard & she was on a ledge high above water I was in it telling her 2trust & jump
12:49 PM – 26 Mar 2016
Notes: mystery solved today on dove hanging around my window roses showing up & “hey” in ear later hearing MM message about hey here 2 help
10:58 PM – 28 Mar 2016

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