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I’m hesitant to share my wee adventure. I mean should I just wear a tee shirt that reads “Seems Delusional” with a holographic reflection that returns a “but it’s true!” or “Can you love me anyway?” 

Perhaps I should save it for a book someday as it seems a main character has just made an appearance into my life, and I have to let him reveal just who he is and why he’s here.  notes

Meanwhile, I can just list the trail of messages that lead me to where I am now with that tee shirt feeling a bit snug on.

Notes: “sequoia.” Dream of Descending stairs (church) each step had “material” discards I had to clear (people following) until I couldn’t.
10:17 AM – 11 Jul 2016 
So as you can see I kept coming across the word “Sequoia” and I paid attention. I told my friend about it the night before she would offer me a ride with her to Fresno to attend a workshop she was already committed to attending; do I want to go? “YES!” I said. I jumped on it because she had just told me about a large lizard in her house this week, after I had shared I had baby lizards walking along with me on my long walks (lizards mean: if an opportunity comes along; jump on it) and the hawk cries that were incessant outside my home made me heed the call (my shirt must be glowing). It gets stranger and I won’t bother sharing all the weird tidbits that came to her once she offered me that ride, but the next day a student walks in to my office and I ask him how’s his summer “oh I just got back from Sequoias.” uh yeah. That’s how it works you see it three times and then notice odd things getting your attention and boom you’re on an adventure.
Are you wondering about my dream? Yes me too! In fact its really pulling at me especially as I’ve been looking at switching careers or job for awhile to improve my finances, but I love my job it just doesn’t allow for freedom of financial stress or progress in the things I want to do (or does it) and how does this dream correlate? 

THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Dream: I was in a church with stadium style bench seating and  below was a young preacher standing on the stage/alter. I thought I was alone no one else before me and so I descend the stairs…or tried.  As I look down I no longer see the stairs or bench seating as before, because now they have so much “material” items on them it feels like a yard sale at the time. I only remember two “material items” that stood out and one was two brass like pair of goblets with other debris we’d find in our kitchens.  I decided to push them to one side so that I could step down and found I had small enough feet and did quite well with my little space I created on each descent of a step.  That was until I looked up and saw a line of people following me! I faced the preacher with panic but he calmly motioned me to continue clearing to get closer to him. I was fine until I ran into a “refrigerator” that in reality shouldn’t be able to balance on a narrow step but you know dreams they’re unreasonable. I take in my assessment “its too big.” I could scale it but the others behind me can’t; so what’s the point! I look to the preacher he smiles and seems to be coming to help. I wake up but I’m beginning to think the “material stuff” is not going to get me to where I need to go! Goblets represent marriage/ceremony and fridge convenience/luxury to me so figure that in the puzzle I’m not looking to another to experience a better life; it’s about me.

Back to Sequoias. Everything went effortlessly and I had so much fun. In fact my friend noted we had so many people so endearing around us, we pulled people in and I had to agree. Since we filled up with gas a perfect alignment to the car pumping right in front of us set the precedent (see photo) and had fun with the cashier.  In fact one grandfather on our cave tour kept looking at me/us and I thought how sweet he’s concerned about us slipping in the cave as we were responsible for the end of the line, but in the end he fell in front of me and for once I didn’t rush to help him up because I knew his manhood would be hurt he didn’t want to appear fragile in front of his granddaughter; and I knew it! I simply said “are you okay, your foot fit perfectly in that crevice,” and I knew I could help him if he really needed it but he was fine. We shared a nice conversation and he gave us fresh cold nectarines as he conveniently parked next to us. 
We then came to the elders. These trees are before Christ was here when the land was sacred, what knowledge they carry.  There were so many tourist hovering around, I just wanted quiet time with them but couldn’t find it. So I did what I wanted to do anyway, I kneeled in front of “The General Sherman” the largest in girth tree on earth. I didn’t care if people stared or that my knees were grabbing stones in my kneecaps I just looked up at this amazing living giant with so many rings proving it knows all the secrets of this planet. My dear friend did the same and honestly I think some people understood because moments later looking up I started to cry in memories. 
It was if the “General” and I were sharing stories I could remember all my fun childhood feelings of playing in the roots and up in the branches and I just loved those feelings that brought back feeling safe, loved and joyful being a child of earth. I was touched and with streaming eyes my friend led me to a creek.  I have to also add my friend later heard a girl asking her mother “so when we finish walking down there, all we’re going to see is a big tree?” my heart broke and the Lorax comes to mind.

A boy followed us and I thought it was odd my friend looking at me like “where did he come from?” He hid behind a rock while I prayed for protection for these elders. When my friend asked where he had gone I pointed and he came out and waved to me and I smiled, and waved back at him.  I wanted to talk to him but didn’t want to scare him off (I was drawn to him like I am to babies where you just love a kid the moment you see them). He hung back as we climb the rock to meditate and we then heard drumming but with sticks on a log . . .was it him? When I was done and opened my eyes it was quiet and I turned to my friend and said “the drumming stopped! ” She looked at me “Yeah, I wonder if it was that boy.” I looked for him “Where did he go?” I asked. “He ran off up the trail.” We thought it was strange that  20-30 min no parents came shouting for him. It occurred to me later he was wearing a red shirt and had green eyes and moppy hair but skinny! 

Ah. I just had an epiphany. Heading toward the spiritual workshop my friend was originally coming for she developed a migrane and with bouts of nausea, we ended up arriving only to leave 15 min later after enjoying a meal they’ve prepared. “We never made it to the alter!” I drove home in silence for 4 hours to give her rest and really I was fine dreaming and chewing on thoughts and laughed “oh no I could be a nun!”I did end up playing music and singing and she was feeling a lot better!  Since then I feel very much full of love and well now I’m off to see my loved ones in the pacific northwest where Im surrounded by trees and the full moon over water . . .life is filling my belly with butterflies and helium.

Pumping for gas we align right up

Purple Triangle or cube

it’s not chalk either

Entrace with Black widow gate
the great owl

Can you see the gnome protecting the crystals?

How about now! Gargoyle or hidden behind facade 

Used to be sparking white but man touched and mined it

OH and really!!!! I just read this before coming back to edit my blog wanting to know the energy of the day I would meet up with someone I had briefly met before while I’m on vacation (but the fridge blocked it-should’ve known) it’s all about divine timing but Damn, does it require such temperance to let it go and keep on trusting that things are halted, changed or configured for the better.

Caught a monk in temple shot
when you need a happy safe place in your mind

A meadow is a cake for all to eat

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