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Changes are happening

You can turn off the tv, but you can’t turn off the antenna

 we’re in this together

The signs haven’t stopped. They kept popping up at every corner and just today a big truck with plates of 6666 popped up reminding me of the meaning some intuitive people had collectedly shared when noticing these symbolic language of spirit.  I think of it like math, binary codes or even music, in a way to communicate and in my perspective when we’ve started communication to our inner selves which comes from a higher signal.

This message isn’t personally for me, it’s for us all, and we can’t ignore there are people currently in deep fear and anguish losing their homes, villages, family, and vocations.  There are so many negative influences surfacing and they seem to want to outdo the next in violations to our hearts.  I met an airman fresh from Afghanistan and I was uncertain of what to ask or say … .and not just because I keep myself directly away from news channels, but what do you say to someone who’s done service (in whatever perspective you take) they dedicated their body, mind and handed over personal beliefs in duty. It’s not much different than a police officer who must abide the law and ignore the helplessness some find themselves in, or a fireman who must place his family photo out of sight while heading into a burning house; it’s huge service and sacrifice they might not even think it is worth it … .but they do what they believe is a higher route.

It’s time for us to give our service. It’s time we unite in L O V E and I’m not talking about prayers for help but being the help. Just like these “services” are in place to create democracy and peace (no matter what grievances or ideas you may have of them) – you depend on them secretly to uphold peace and safety … .what about YOU & ME?  Prayers are huge! Those of you who practice quiet meditation or work on their souls, giving others your time in devotion in smiles, hugs, comfort, support -YOU ARE NEEDED. Whatever your religion you practice or none at all, you have that heart that pulls you to honor others not just yourself YOU ARE HERE NOW FOR A REASON.

If you read my previous blog you’ll see that I’ve come to cosmically align with the readings from the top picture inviting us all to pray for world peace. What I especially like is that she’s not asking you to use her site (she’s going to “wing it’ and let spirit guide her if you need visual) it’s not about her, but calling forth your inner light this day on the hours she mentions so that we are like a pile of rocks that form a sort of port jetty to keep the emotional erosion away.  I personally will be sending pink and violet light on the world and my heart will not be heavy with what is needed or even what current horrible events just happened.  I will be holding Love, compassion, and peace as Mother Mary demonstrates and I will be the mother who cares so deeply knowing the beauty each one of us has; my happiness and joy will be my focus for all inhabitants.

Speaking of joy! On the summer solstice sitting on the beach, I asked Spirit why are the light workers especially important (I mean hello! Yes they are bringers of light)? I felt there was a deeper reason for the unity and there is.  Many light workers will be finding each other in romantic love or forms of love/bonds and that love will burn like a bonfire on this earth, for what they ignite is akin to what twin flames can do for this planet on a smaller scale; BUT with many lights it really shifts us to lighter energy. So if you find someone you’re drawn to follow the flame, using your inner guidance of course!  Apparently, we will be given signs encouraging our attractions and don’t even judge! They will most likely be the opposite in many ways but exactly what’s needed for us to grow in acceptance and appreciation of the many ways light is carried and shared differently from our own.



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