555 Change is Needed

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We have so many promising young people in this world who have come in the age of technology and are surpassing their innocent timelines by being thrown into mental assault of imagery. 

What are we showing them? What are they learning by example? What will they bring to our future because of it.

What are we offering to this universe?

Its a natural fact that children learn by example and reflect and copy what they see. It’s endearing to see a little child want a suit and tie like his father or to play with dolls to mend and love a baby as its mother does; its not play its learning. I saw it with my own children while rearing them wanting toy phones vs. playing with play tools because they saw so many around them do it. I was lucky to find a Pre-K school that educated parents to show children simple work ethics (sewing, gardening, cooking, cleaning) learn by your lead, to put down the remote and go outside and play (a challenge for new parents) I now see toddlers with iPhones and iPads in stores learning to disengage from the world and worse from their parents and others.

A study I recently read showed that mothers are now on their cell phones while breast feeding and the babies are distracted and I’m sure feeling a disconnect (that could undermine huge growth).  I can tell you that I could see how that would easily happen, as women feel compelled to multitask I would’ve fallen victim to that ignorance as well. Luckily media wasn’t yet blown up as it is now and I was able to fully engage and enjoy the huge bond the energy and power of love when you fully give your attention over to another. 

I now give my full attention to spirit and its been showing me signs of needed change. It’s not about just  children but every inhabitant of this earth (man and beast) with a weak soul connection to the Divine. We are so beautiful and our souls are so precious we must chisel and uncover our true selves for all to see.

So 555 keeps popping up (change for good or bad but needed for soul growth) and yes, personally things that have been dormant are seemingly now moving in a completely different direction. I figured it was personal until today.  My colleagues and I are finding that we can’t execute a single task without missing something needed to complete it flawlessly, like mixing up dates but setting a meeting or placing the letter in the mailbox without the stamp. We are needed to ground BIG TIME. We are being asked to stop and take moments to view our intentions. As I did go to rest in the park at lunch when I arose pulsating with energy and I could hear an irritating sound emanating from the earth or was it me?

I speak about Divine messages because they really do exist and the terrible news floating to the top demands our focus on our hearts paired with the soul. NO hiding behind consensus but looking within and speaking your Authentic Truth (really only speaking when you have asked yourself and your higher Divine source for truth and guidance). L O  V E  does not hide behind fear nor exclusion its too big for little means, it takes over if you let it and ohhhh boy when you do 555 embraces you; so let it take you to where you need to go. 

I used to fear 555 it brought me hard lessons that I now treasure in understanding it was needed and it placed me in a better environment. I saw them popping up since Monday, maybe even earlier but it held me driving home today. I was behind a big red truck with license plate of 6666 and I thought “temptation of delusion” and grimaced knowing what transpired in hatred. Suddenly a little white car pulled fast and along side it in the next lane with a license plate of 999 “light workers” and I smiled “yes, we must pull together on this and unite.” I did notice how small this little “light worker” was compared to the dually truck and just then another little white car with plates of 555 came into my view and I felt that the “changes coming are needed,” and we had the capacity, us little light workers to align and change with positivity. I wish I wasn’t on the fwy or that my phone is to the full capacity so that I could’ve taken the photo of not only these cars but my totem animal (King Egret) fly over my car and the the red dually as I just finished thinking that thought and I gasped. The white birds like the Heron or Crane or Egret always represent Yeshua and his personal note to me that “everything will be okay, but it’s the way it must be, don’t worry Trust.” 

This is the message people. We are bigger than we know in spirit and so damn protected when you practice love. Not much later my older very intuitive sister texts me 555 and she never does that, so it was like a hammer on the nail. When I finally reached home I saw angel souls had upload on youtube a message recorded probably as I was encountering my own 555 message on the fwy and she struck the nail in confirmation. 

We can unite and change the course of many disturbances, when we practice what we preach/teach by our example. The world has many children, some that grew into adults and never received what you just happen to have…when you use your light.

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