Angel Loteria!

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Angels are leaving their thumbprints all over the place! 

What’s unfair is no matter how much I try to document and share the proof of divine guidance it can only be gained by being a witness as my companion in the moment, or by you having had these kind of experiences to know in relation to how these moments drop your jaw no matter how insignificant it is to most; it’s personally fulfilling to the soul. These are simple in detail and may cause some to yawn and roll their eyes, but I can feel them spark my heart and fan my curiosity for life. 

This Friday started off the synchronicity for the weekend. My friend Gabriela was accompanying me to a play that day a few hours after my workday and suggested I come over for dinner. I accepted but wondered what I could bring to the dinner “what could I pick up on the way to her home” . . .when a hour later a wonderful mother came in to present me with a personal “appreciation” (we had a staff/teacher appreciation day) of a whole strawberry pie. “Wow, I have something to share and how thoughtful and super sweet was she to think of myself and my children.”  We enjoyed the dinner and the play and upon dropping her off at her home she asked me to come inside. An hour or so later I was leaving and she said “Erica, your psychic,” pointing to two different sandals one red and one black both pairs missing the right shoe. “Uh, Im intuitive but…” I hesitated not really. “Well maybe you can get a hit on where the right side of the sandals are for both these pairs, summer is approaching and I can’t find them after I moved things to the garage for new carpeting.”  I gave it a shot and asked my soul but I felt they would be found but “it’s strange,” I told her “I can feel a ‘heavy yes’ it will be delayed so something hidden but they will be found.” I thought it was strange they we’re missing the same side so I asked her “What do you feel about the word “left?” She made a face “nothing comes to mind.” In my mind I thought of another path/door or chance and said “okay what do you feel about always being right?” I “left” her with that thought.

The next day I decide to listen to something on youtube ( while getting ready and I hear “this week is a Gabriel week . . .” Hmm I thought funny I just had dinner with one last night and my other friend by the same name texted me that she’s coming to visit me this weekend (the video brings up creative writing and passion)! I pick up my friend for lunch and I get call from Gabriela “You’ll never guess!” and she laughs “My friend calls me from out of the blue and tells me I have a box of yours here for a year now, did you know?” I grinned and said “you’re not going to tell me …” she’s laughing “Yes, my shoes were in there, I had her open the box!” I guess I was wrong I told her.  “No, she said I’m still working on how I feel about being right.” We both laughed.

I’m enjoying catching up with my friend Jess and we find so many similarities in our themes of the week. She shares envisioning a wedding and cowboy boots on the beach and I tell her I just heard about those two things from Gabriela last night. I decided I wanted a beer and the sun on my face as we watched the surfers on the pier and we’re fortunate to find seating outside. It was a great view but I wasn’t settled and Jess said “Do you want to move?” I looked and saw an opening “yes, let’s move there.” We did and not long after Jess spotted a bride and her groom walking on the pier. “What we just spoke about a wedding!” Yup and we saw a store featuring cowboy boots which sparked our conversation about it too. “You know Erica, if we hadn’t of moved seats I would’ve never seen them.” It these kind of things when you’re aware of the timing; how inspiring life can be. We go to her place and put on a movie to let the cocktail drain before I leave and I’ve been wanting to watch “midnight in paris” and again Im floored as its another “book” writer inspiring movie (angels conspiring me to write) and the woman the lead character would fall for is named “Gabrielle.” WHAT!!!!

Lastly, I am now with Gabriela (friend #2) on sunday, we decide to surprise Jess at her place and make margaritas. I go to the Mexican Market place down the street and buy the fruit I need to make them plus I see a “loteria” (Latin Bingo) scratcher to play and I’m happy! We had a great time and as we clean up our mess I find a tiny loteria cut out on the floor outside where the chairs came from and it’s the “sun” which means a bright happy future. I show Jess “Yeah I’ve seen that for a week, but was too lazy to pick it up.” I smile because it was for me to find and put in my pocket BINGO angels; you align me right up!

What’s next? I love a good mystery and life is so much better unknown with positve prospects than premeditated with no room for possibilities.

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