Lady in the Water

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When you’ve procrastinated from fears or doubts, finding nobel distractions (work/duty/kids) to keep you from culminating dreams to reality; do you get a slight push from the universe that splashes you awake!

“Emotions run deep like water,” they say and thank God we have them!  Otherwise we’d have no connection to each other and we’d end up dry in evaporation. We need artists from movies, music, literature to fine arts to evoke our depths, passions and essential expressions that need to be pulled out of us; we all need a muse.  I made plans with a friend of mine to meet each Sunday to commit to writing a book, and yesterday was our first meeting.

We shared what we would be writing about and why. This is not easy for me. I mean I only started this blog last year and I don’t share it with friends, I just let it float out like dandelions sticks to land where they may. It is my wish that this world work together and if my soul observations have helped me, maybe they will help others and so I started sharing.  She asked me what I’m writing about and I told her “the truth, but it so hard to believe I might have to write it like fiction.” She nodded her head “Erica, It’s called based on a true story, you write it out but include characters.” I finally relented because although I just want the purist of truth . . .it would just be a diary; I knew she was right.  

Before brainstorming we caught up on our nighttime dreams (something we’ve had in common for years) she reminded me that those “La Angels” I dreamt about were funny and I should use them and she also needed characters in her book to base on.  Immediately I had an old movie pop in my mind and I remembered I liked the characters and the storyline and blurted out “Oh, watch the Lady in the Water!” I remember the characters we’re pronounced but honestly didn’t remember the story in detail (I saw in 2006) but I saw it with my sisters so I had fond memories of it.

I called my kids into the room telling them they MUST watch this with me. I was floored. Not only were the characters pronounced but it was done for a reason; to show everyone is needed. It practically spanked my ass with “you wanted a reason to write, then (smack) you just got confirmation.” Now, I ‘m not saying I’m writing the “cookbook” (you’ll have to watch the movie to understand that term) but everyone has a purpose for something; be it for one or the many.  We need each other to follow their dreams, quirks and reason for being who they are, because when you show up exactly as you are . . .you change lives PURPOSELY.

BTW: while just falling to sleep, my brain made the connection to the movie’s “cookbook” and my introduction “about me” on this page, which basically is my intention for writing this blog.  How we are all ingredients in the recipe and our actions is what is served as a result as a whole (DAMN). Universe can blow your mind simultaneously in diverse ways.

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