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I think it started on 8/7/2013. My right eye had two rings of two different colors blocking my ability to see as if I had stared at the sun for too long except… this lasted for 3 weeks.

I was scared I would go blind but I was forwarned by my son who spoke about what would be happening to me in the near future he was only 4 but he was listening to someone I could not see and making faces as he passed on the messages to me that my eyesight would change. I knew he was too little to understand he was using clairaudience. I asked my soul if I should be worried? NO came the answer so I just accepted “I would see differently” as my son explained to me and I hoped it wasn’t going to need glasses.

On the same day 2015, I see my first vision and it’s of the Avanyu (a water serpent who protects water and can cause floods and lightning) the Avanyu was as large as a Mountainside. If I closed my eyes it would appear and If I opened my eyes I would still see it. I search for meaning and find out if angered it can cause floods and epic weather upheavals. A few days later we learn of the Colorado River was compromised by EPA agents  and soon we would learn about the battle & the water protectors in Standing Rock  

I feel very connected to water even as a triple earth sign water is GOLD to me and the most precious resource we have. Tonight I had another vision this time its image did not leave me for 20 min I could see it with my eyes opened or closed it glowed in Native American bright colors and intricate design as before with lightning from one end to another it kept morphing but in colors and Navajo designs. I’m nervous, to say the least, but I’m also prepared that this is SERIOUS and I just left a Tao class (I never attend but felt compelled and I really enjoyed it). I received an Avanyu message the day I received the Tao in 2016 so I’m not surprised but just wondering if the Avanyu is going to call its own judgment and if so… it’s not going to be easy if it does.


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