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You’ve gone too far!

by Erica Sussette
You’ve gone too far …
to cut me from the views that are found in our Anthem for which we fought
To dare to eliminate the description of explicit untouched beauty of the truth in “God Bless America”
To sell our treasured mountain tops to those countries who will bleed our resources
for profits that are temporary, with ignorance to the integrity nature formulates to sustain our ecosystems and air
You’ve gone too far to take my freedom of a hard week’s work or a Sun-day with no sun, eagles or bears
You’ve gone too far to take away my teachings of respect to my children, and their rights to roam
You’ve gone too far to take our heritage, histories our indigenous roots, we need no more commercial landscapes or smoke filled skies
You’ve gone too far to take, sell & trade. Just leave, heal & restore; let the leaves fall on their own
You’ve gone too far…to think you can sell our red (sequoias & deserts), white (snow cap mountains) and blue (lakes & streams)
“You’ve gone too far” you’ll say about us . . . when we show our extreme refusal. Those of us who hike to the tallest peaks, bike on rugged paths, camp beside streams, those of us who sleep in tents and under starts will come out and now block YOUR views.
#UnitedOutside #DefendBearsEars 

Thank you REI, Patagonia, KEEN and YOU!
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