When Mother Sings, Father Sends the Wings!

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I stayed up late writing yesterdays blog, I had a need to send it being a special 11/11 day that then rolled into the next day…today!

I prayed that time would not harm me from losing sleep, that I’d awake with vigor and I did.   My son loves to start the car to warm up, while I love to warm up my cup but this morning I was the only one ready to go outside (usually he beats me) to start the car.  I walk outside with my phone conveniently and see two parrots land and I say hello and then more and more come, my house was decorated with Parrots- not the neighbors but a few- but my telephone lines and my trees.

They hung upside down and peered at me squawking and talking. My phone was to the limit in video storage and I fumbled, my son came out and they didn’t flock away, my other children and the kids I carpool came out they didn’t leave. I was underneath them thanking them asking them if they had something to say.

A couple of neighbors came out to see the commotion, one laughing with joy and both of us nodding our heads in unison of ‘amazing!” Kids walking to school with their parents didn’t scare them, and me starting my big suv didn’t scare them; they had a message and were determined I hear it, see it and know it; They supported me, they were here as proof for me that I am on my path.  

Again here is nature showing me and you, if you wish guidance and support. The orcas may had escorted the ferry, but these emerald beauties escorted me. As I drove away I was so enthralled I forgot my purse and took the next street over to make it around to my home again. I was laughing as I saw them flying low and beside or across my view. I told the kids “they’re following us.” my daughter dryly said “they’re just flying in the same direction.” not wanting to entertain the idea of anything but fact (but how many parrots do you see hanging only in your yard).  When I came back to my house they were gone. My roommate texted me as I drove off  “they left when you did!”

We do have parrots in my neighborhood and I’ve tried sneaking out to photograph them before but they usually take off the moment you come into view. I’ve only had one other time when they welcomed me and I’ll have to look up in my archives why and the significance.

Parrots can mean gossip and discerning when to speak, or colorful ideas to act on for new growth and direction for yourself. I asked if it was anything of this for me in a message and I didn’t feel it was, but when I asked if it was for me to know the universe supports me; the answer was yes!

Later tonight I spoke with my roommate out in the back cottage who told me “Did you hear those birds!, they were in our trees all over our yard and it hit me.” We had spoken about a situation that was causing her grief and anxiety in making a big decision yesterday. “Those birds in the words of my friend last night said to me “get a birds eye view, stop hitting the box.” She was asking for answers from above and got them; we both did.

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