Mother Sings A Lullaby

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Mother Sings A Lullaby . . .
and Mother cries for us to get along!
Mother offers her body to feed us . . .
and mother offers us a place to find peace among her leaves.
Mother offers us beauty and abundance  . . .
and Mother asks only for us to trust in the message she gives to each of  us:
Share, give and love higher than the perfect views
I give to you
Heal, help and learn how the wildlife can teach you
Love like a glorious sunrise and sunset
Let it be as mighty as my tallest mountain,
may it be as pure as the snow
Offer the thirsty your rivers connecting us all.
This is our bloodline my veins like yours are gold.

-Erica Sussette

We have more than an obligation to be responsible with all natural resources, as it’s not our right even a birthright to claim any bodies of water or land as only ours.  It’s a gift of good intention for who we really are inside, ready for us to cultivate in harmony in equal respect to all inhabitants. Just as we give birth in our own bodies, those souls do not become ours they belong to that soul.

We were given the view of the stars to inspire and remind of us of home and marvel at the abundance of light.  What  if we could catch the stars and claim them and crush them into diamonds; might we? Would we sacrifice our starlight way above the mountain tops to wear them around our necks?

Would we take a shot at the moon or leave litter in the ether to find another place to inhabit or mine? Our ancestors would find that a tall tale but today we find it as a goal and we claim it as whoever has the money to get there first wins.

Does this planet and the atmosphere that holds us in place belong to the universe/Gaia/the creator? OR do you think it belongs to the lines we drew in the dirt, or the walls we built or the boundary maps a few made?

Since 2008 I have been paying attention to the calamities in my life and although I hid from accepting them as lessons to open my heart for a long time, I came to see the answers and guidance through nature.  It started with the birds appearing in my moments of asking questions to the Universe/God and soon I had my own key legend for interpretations.  I have come to trust and grow just as nature does, in everything having a purpose, a need to fulfill and in turn to give.

As nature has given to me, I offer myself back to nature.  On my last trip to Washington I learned from my favorite shop in Bainbridge Island – Millstream about the Orcas. The Orca came in my dream to rescue me and having a bond with these amazing dolphins I had one mini pottery sculpture in my hand, ready to purchase and the shop keeper asked me if I’d like it in a bag or in my purse? I found that odd, why would that be a question? I ask him what I was thinking and he smiled and told me “it’s the way you’re holding it.”  I smiled to which he then asked me “do you have a special connection to the Orca?” I told him I had a dream that placed them in my heart this year and once long ago, I feel a kinship I described to him. “Oh, well have I got a story for you!”

He tells me the true story of how a museum was packing up and moving to a new location, he just happen to be at the ferry dock when he noticed a large number of Orca pods and he was perplexed and awed by the sight. Later on the local news he finds out that the Orcas appeared when the trucks loaded with artifacts of the first Native Americans on the pacific northwest from Chief Seattle were aboard the ferry . . .and that the Orcas practically escorted the ferry toward it’s new home.

My mouth was wide open. “Yeah, he went on how it never made it to the World news and only on ours is beyond me.” I then said “How we are not saving Salish Sea and not seeing one poster posted on this island is beyond me!”

Animals, insects and all it’s creatures have messages for us. Not only in practical terms as seeing ants gather food in frenzy indicating a flood coming, but personal messages-divine messages.  We need each other.  I recently found this in my email:
I don’t know what I will learn or hear, but we are all tribesman on this earth, it’s important to not litter, pick up trash, not waste, protect and learn from each other in blessing the biggest blessing we call “earth.”  Hope you’ll join me!  I’ll be sharing my animal experiences in the coming days, unless it rains; and you’ll find me outside playing. … and pulling the weeds.

Heart to the ground & eyes to the skies,

Erica Sussette

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