Making Monsters

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If you asked a child what a monster is and looks like; they would create a wonderful ridiculous story.
If you asked an adult what a monster looks like, they would share a fear that you would find ridiculous; until you let it seep into your subconscious. 
We Make Monsters out of ordinary life dilemmas that have become too much for us to figure out the means of a happy ending. . . but what if the happy ending comes only after tragedy or fear? I’ve understood that from the many folklore stories, mythology and storybooks that one must lose a great deal of peace and security before gaining you’re biggest dreams or getting a shot at them.
This thought has been sloshing around my mind lately as I face my own personal storybook of yielding my sword when needed and facing the dragon with nothing but a plea of the heart. I see a lot of instability in those I care about recently and I can hear their worried whispers that match my mind in agreement. My soul however, will no longer let me keep it as real and it turns my head to face my history to see that I created the fire breathing dragon, and it’s not here to destroy me but my old ways and it’s asking me to fly, to get on and get higher.
My friend was telling me about a re-occurring dream about his twin daughters. In the dream he knows the creepy hallway and the door propped open for him to dare look inside. This door will show him his greatest fear of seeing his girls in pain and he can’t look and yet wants to stop whatever already happened, he is powerless. This dream re-visits him on and off till finally in his dream as he turns the dark corner he says to himself  “I have to face the reality.” and looks in and pushes the door open. To his surprise it’s nothing, everything evil was just imagined.
I had a dream long ago I call:

“Maiden, Mother, Crone”
I walked up to a vintage store in a historical white building a young girl in black smiled at me as the mother also dressed in black closed the door behind me as I walked into the store and she locked the door and closed the blinds. An old women stood behind a wooden table and began to share with me her knowledge and wisdom of life as it pertains to me, but I cut her off in my hurried ego mind. “Yeah, okay ( I said rudely) I know that! “What I really want to know is…” BAM my mouth fell open as instantly this old lady now had a Hindu demon scary looking mask on and I screamed in fear. 
It turned again to another mask like a three sided carved block of wood to give me another fearful image. This time I looked at it calmly and faced it, and sent my heart chakra to this scary image, offering it my love before it took me out or whatever might happen.  “Good.” said the crone and  instantly turned her mask into a hideous sight and she threw fear in feeling to me and my heart chakra fell and I was consumed in fear for an instant and cried “that’s not fair!” She replied “I didn’t do anything.” I woke up and knew it was me…I anticipated my fate, I wrote the ending; I MADE THE MONSTER. 
The universe went so far as to ingrain this in my cell memory to never forget that we make up stories and we must be courageous and face everything knowing nothing is invisibly sending fear or pain our way. As I said the universe made sure I remembered and gave me lessons to use this knowledge and though slow going I was surviving my fears with grace by a stitch, but very grateful for that stitch!
Months later I found myself learning to trust more and more and that the universe truly loves us and as I boarded the plane I sat in the middle seat and an older lady in the aisle and we introduced ourselves, I knew it would be a great flight (writing my intention in my storybook). The empty seat went to a young lady with red eyes and tears to sit by the window.  I asked the girl if she was okay. “no, I’m going to miss my family, I’m alone and barely making it and I just don’t want to do that anymore (monsters) and I felt safe there.” As a mother I held her hand and told her my story and my joyful belief and why. The older woman joined in and shared her wisdom and by the time we landed there was so much light on that flight, I’m sure the girl found her path: no red shoes needed.
Our minds are a great tool, but just a tool that is wielded by you. The soul… ah well! That is on automatic, everything all knowledge is all there! No need to panic you can’t fail (that’s another dream lesson I’ll share later) just trust that whatever you’re going through is already figured out in an ending that is better than where you began; but like the storybooks you have to accept the challenges as lessons not pain or punishment (or like I did, perceive great terror where there was none, WHEN you write your own ending).
There is huge guidance available if you open your heart and shine your love to all that scares you. The reward of being your own hero or heroine with honor, in facing your fears is really worth much more than gold… it means you are an alchemist that makes it golden in every situation for all involved not just for YOU.

“Courage is knowing what not to fear.”
 Here is my comedic hero who one day found himself meeting his destiny all because someone had a dilemma that had it not happened to him…we would’ve missed out on everything. Be yourself and honest by living authentically the rest just unfolds.

Watch 10:15-13:57 I saw this only part and went here to write, can’t wait to finish the interview.

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