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“A mother’s love cannot be measured, but may be seen in how a child lovingly behaves.”

I say “lovingly” because a child is their own soul and their mission is said to be set up for them to achieve it with the tools of handpicked parents and siblings that will help them grow and help the parents grow (uncomfortably usually). Brave souls choosing through pain or loving guidance, confident souls beforehand knowing we all have the power to transcend limitations, so no matter the worse and wear we ourselves received before and after we were conceived; we have the chance to observe, learn, choose and change any dynamic.

I chose a loving family and siblings but not without challenges and not with privileges …except maybe in having no brothers we were treated equal, but we also missed out on a male perspective that I would have liked to understand as a mother raising boys (but what if that is exactly what these souls wanted a softer Yin female model whereas I needed equality less Yang for my mission). I love this picture of a mother embraced by her child, to me the glow of her crown is what naturally happens when this pure love is exchanged in higher love it’s super powerful and unbreakable when you embrace the biggest gift of unconditional love.

It’s Veteran’s Day and as a mother who adores her children and grows closer to the days when they will decide their life’s path that might take them to dangerous places or vocations. I can’t help but want to keep them close forever and those mothers and wives of servicemen/women who lay awake praying for world peace and a safe return not only bodily but mentally and spiritually for thier loved ones; my prayers are deep with you.

Mother and Daughter

A mother I really like, but haven’t seen in sometime kept passing me to use our office bathroom for her toddler. This is nothing new, but her daughter looked peaked and I had to ask if everything was okay. “No, she has to go to the potty every minute and I’m worried because the doctor can’t find an infection or a reason why.” I pondered as she hurriedly past me to race her daughter back to the restroom. I thought “okay it’s not medical then hmm.” The mom returned daily and each time I asked if things were getting better and the answer remained “no Erica, I’m really getting worried.”

I stop her as she heads out “okay I want to try energy healing on her, let me know when you have time.” I also get an idea that perhaps she takes her toddler to a gem shop and have her pick out a crystal that will heal her or help her feel better and don’t be surprised if she picks out the perfect stone that has those properties she needs meanwhile and I’ll ask my friend who mentioned to me one herb that helps her.”  We see each other on Monday and I say “Oh, my friend said…as I reach for my phone” she says “D-mannose!” “Omg, I exclaim yeah that’s it!” She tells me it’s helping and I tell her girl I thought about her over the weekend and remembered a dream I had and show her the Tweet I made upon waking up (see above) and tell her the dream PRIOR to learning her daughter was ill. “So I didn’t heal her but I’m glad you found a cure.”  I posted “came true” to my twitter for the record not knowing it was about to get even stranger.

I see her a week before Halloween “Hey how’s it going?” I ask. “Oh, Erica I think I’m the one who has the problem now I feel terrible and nothing is working.” Again I offer “okay when you’re free to come see me and let’s see if I can help.” She’s whisked off by her baby girl wanting to go home and I wonder about my dream again. I receive a call from her the next day she sounds terrible it’s gotten so bad her doctor set up an appointment for further testing she’s scared its cancer. “NO!” I was adamant “don’t put that in your mind it’s not that, don’t forget I dreamt of this so that means I can help you so don’t go there.” I learn she asked for the pain to be given to her instead of a beloved teacher who had recovered from painful stomach problems “OH no!!” I said, “you never ask for the pain or karma of others you can ask Arch Angel Michael to take it and dispose of it in prayers but never ask for that; only Angelics can handle it we still have human forms, okay I’m going to send you healing when I hang up.” I immediately go within and send her healing asking for her pain to be removed properly and recovery be fast. I can feel my upper body awash in energy especially in my arms and shoulder area and it almost swooshes out of me leaving my fingertips.

I see her a couple of days later “Hey love what’s going on?’ I ask her. “oh, I feel a bit better with the medication but I still feel awful.” I stand up and walk over to her “Okay we’re doing this now.” I tell my colleagues to cover the office and take her to a quiet space. I pray that Michael take the pain she requested and dispose of it indefinitely and I ask Mother Mary to heal whatever else she might be carrying and replace it with mothers love and the other things I usually do. I can feel a slight warm energy leave my palms onto her stomach and shoulder where I am placing my hands. I hoped it was enough because it didn’t feel powerful like when I sent her distant healing that matched the power I felt when I prayed for angels to surround the teacher’s house from fire -so it seems distant healing is getting more stronger. I didn’t have much time it was getting busy in the office but I felt like the bigger job was handled already in distant healing. “Sorry I have to get back  to work I hope this helps you.” I really hoped it would in time but she told me “Erica I can feel something.” Yea I smiled.

I saw her the next day and asked what I’ve been asking for weeks “How are you?” She smiled “so much better when I left you I went to the car to go home and just ended up balling and crying nonstop.” I was so happy to hear this knowing we carry so much worry being mothers for our kids. “That’s great and you know what that dream did come true, your child carried YOUR PAIN.”

The Dream: I saw my hand placed on a stomach. I then pan out to see its on a mothers stomach and I’m offering to heal while her daughter watched. The toddler then tries to explain to her mother what I’m doing and can see what is transpiring as she describes in pictures (I don’t hear her or know what she sees it’s just that feeling of knowing this is what the little girl is doing) and the mom and I look at her daughter in wonder and amazement.

So yes, the daughter knew and demonstrated in her own body (pictures) to reveal to her mother what was needed and why. AWESOME right!!!

So this week my mom sends me a reminder (you can read her comments on the last blog before the show was released to be exact) on this new show on a healer. It was nice to see someone way more advanced than I like decades ahead of me, but he describes what I feel and neither of us has had formal training. When he gets to Jennifer Gray I almost leaped out of my seat because I knew he must release her from her guilt in order to remove the pain (logical you might think but possible you might not believe -but it is) and having just done it myself I’d say I was very inspired and passionate about my future and how I possibly might get better with time. I was having a self-tormented week of “what am I doing with my life!” feeling my wheels feeling stuck and trapped and I guess I will just have to let life and dharma unfold.

Hello Charlie!

Go to the Learning Channel for full episode here: https://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/the-healer/full-episodes/something-real-is-going-on


ps. I think it’s interesting that in my tweet I wrote I gave healing to little kid but that’s not what I saw in the dream I saw the mom, so why did I type that? I’ll chalk it up to no accidents, no coincidences







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