Phenomenon or Pareidolia

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I sat down and took in the view. It didn’t take long for my spirit to connect with nature all around me

I looked over at my friend after moments in silence “I feel grounded, I mean I can feel myself grounding and I can feel her (nature) do you?” She just smiled at me in agreement but I continued “I feel creative!” This excited me as I haven’t felt the passion I usually have in spades to write a poem but the feeling was prompting me. “I have paper,” she said but I was already going inward to describe what I was feeling on my phone . . .

The chill is overcoming the mountainside as the shade colors the areas around my chair. Begging for the sun but welcoming the end of the day from where I sit. My backside perfectly pillowed burrows in the folds and I see  poetry in all I behold.  Today was a seed and tomorrow I carry the need to find that beauty of the land that grounds me, finds me and loves me to no end, my goodness where have I been!

Erica Sussette…

Take a look at the photo above and tell me if you see nature answer me. I’ll give you a hint I’ve bolded the wording for a purpose; not just for you to see nature present a face by my wine glass, but for you to understand that the Universe listens and answers. I didn’t see the face either until the next day reading comments to the posts when my cousin comments “the beginning of a great book where can I buy it?” Her words sparked me to finish the darn book I’ve been putting off & even this blog I’ve ignored even though I had a great Thanksgiving example, but seeing that face appear and matching my words has me thinking I haven’t been doing my scribe work, my purpose and they sent a big message to tell me “we will back you up and teach you as you share.”

They have a psychological label for seeing faces in everything called “Pareidolia” and they have a label for making meaning out of everything “Apophenia” it’s science and you can learn how things make sense with testing and guesstimates on what goes on in your brain and on why we think like we do, and you can also learn how to learn a higher understanding man can’t logically answer unless you factor in GOD and unlimited possibilities.  Yes, I saw a face and geez how convenient that it literally matched my words and feelings…NOT a coincidence!  I think I was just dictating what spirit was presenting.

It’s not easy sounding like a crazy person when you have psychologists dismissing divinity and claiming what “clarity” really is. So the universe sends more messages to blow my mind:

original note

How could I have known we’d have an alert a couple of days in advance of the biggest fire in CA and I had the dream alert on the 4th before the professionals warned, in fact, I didn’t know I received one until my daughter ran into my room to show me my dream came true while I was reading the alert.

UPDATE: As I walked in front campus I noticed a plume of smoke far off in the distance. I work on top of the bluffs of Costa Mesa so it allows for you to see a vast amount of land and as far across the ocean to Catalina Island. Therefore I had no idea where this fire was starting from but too close for comfort. I called the fire dept and left a message, not calling 911 for surely someone must’ve reported it!  I get a call later from a firewoman she tells me “please don’t ever hesitate to call 911 even if you can’t pinpoint it, unfortunately, we didn’t receive your message (we’re usually out of the office she laughs) but we did get a call later and we were able to put it out but your call was the first to report it, it was on Adams and Harbor a vegitation fire” LESSON LEARNED and really was that dream more than just a warning of many fires but for me to pay extra attention? I can tell you having that dream did encourage me to call. Later that night another fire threatened the same park. but our firefighters are really amazing and use resources fast!

My friend also shared a recording from an intuitive who shared that the trees hold all our energy for bad or worse they are like power grids working to clean our energy fields our emotions etc (why hugging a tree helps lift you up) and that they sometimes get to the point where they no longer can hold it and desire to be transformed (Phoenix from the ashes) and come back again letting go and coming back as a new grid.  I thought how fitting considering a face appearing near me out of the shade from trees.

There was another dream I had this morning that had a correlation with a friend who came to see me today but for me, it wasn’t as important to have another synchronicity match but it was more about AGAIN the universe answering/matching my frequency.

ps. this was written in such haste I’m exhausted and had so many problems uploading photos that I hope it makes sense until I can edit someday.



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  1. Mlc

    Oh this is true and a breakthrough to your connection with nature and love and happy/healing spirit. BLL


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