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I spent my day with my friend we spoke of weird correlations recently experienced but can’t explain, she told me to watch the movie Arrival.

I just finished watching it and although I haven’t completely taken it all in to compose a hypothesis (or even read what people have concluded to get a better understanding) I rather just note what I understood from my view across the couch and let the message I got stay unfiltered.

Essentially for me, what I took away is a great message on how horribly we communicate and how we really need to incorporate a wider understanding with a lot more innocence (there’s that word again) and perhaps we then can communicate clearly.

The key words from movie and spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it:

  • The Alien aka Heptapods writing methods convey meaning, not sound (so no anger/excitement to present a preconceived conclusion-uh hello text messages a hotbed for misconception and confusion because although there’s no sound we naturally add or hear tone/attitude while reading).
  • They use nonlinear Orthography communication No forward/backward direction, free of time (meaning no judgment from past/present to form a narrative or speculation).
  • Heptapods have seven feet (but don’t walk or leave footprints) We teach them to walk assuming they should learn this from us because that’s what we see they have but they probably find it cumbersome like our language.
  • Ian to Louise “I watch you steer us around these communication traps I didn’t even know existed; I guess that’s why I’m single.” Louise replies “trust me you can still understand communication and still end up single.” This is telling as we all push our wills in our communications to the movie’s point.
  • if you immerse yourself in another language you rewire your brain (Sapir-Whorf hypothesis) I had to look that one up it’s not really true but there are exceptions pointed out on the Hopi language compared to ours (I was thrilled to read after I spoke to my friend on them today) 

    Quick example!

    Content goes Whorf argued that because the Hopi [the Native American group he was studying] have verbs for certain concepts that English speakers use nouns for, such as, thunder, lightning, storm, noise, that the speaker’s view those things as events in a way that we don’t. We view lightning, thunder, and storms as things. He argued that we objectify time, that because we talk about hours and minutes and days as things that you can count or save or spend. It was funny in this movie to see this notion of the cyclicity of time. That’s really central in Whorf’s writings, that English speakers have a linear view of time, and it’s made up in individually packaged objects, days, hours, and minutes that march along from past to future, while the Hopi have a more cyclical notion that days aren’t separate things but that “day” is something that comes and goes. but in the movie it surmises “learning another language determines how you think” In my humble opinion, This is how dream language/analysis and symbology rewire old mindsets, blocks or perceptions and unleash possibility Dare to DREAM!
  • The movie points out how outside views muck up progress due to fear (no shit)  many of our neighbors are so keen on being caged or in a corral sitting in manure among their own kind. Terror was always first on everyone’s mind except Louise and Ian and Heptapods.
  • Heptapod communicates to the USA “Offer Weapon” and to China “Use Weapon” Now I’m not putting a punctuation to explain they didn’t use “?! .” but they merely pointed out what they know IS Coming using collective consciousness inner knowing communication (Hey Louise did you bring that C9 to offer it to us and China did you want to use that (later it’s confirmed they were offering US a gift but we don’t speak innocence here we Mainly suspect). We, humans, go straight to worse nightmare using no inner guidance except Louise who is pulling threads in her timeline to lead her to exactly where she needs to be to understand wholly (that’s soul guidance in a nutshell).
  • The linguist from China states the Heptapods say in their last session “There is no time, many become one, I feel we have all been given weapons.”  Again take the fear out and assumption and what are they saying….no they actually state what is! That linguist is shot for divulging that information, so is the Heptapod nearly stating the fact to her and her own soon demise? It was never a threat, we offered a threat Oh, we hear threats, don’t we? We conjure it up at every turn.
  • Louise remembers a time her daughter points out “Daddy doesn’t look at me the same way?’ It seems, in reality, he knows she’s dying because the mom communicated this to the father and the fear and pain has kept him from a loving family moving into fear and poor communication he abandons love. We destruct ourselves before we know how we can improve the outcomes.
  • Louise “the weapon is a language, a gift, if you learn it (really learn it) you begin to perceive time the way they do so you can see what is to come, time is not linear.” (Dreams/synchronicity)
  • Louise “if you could see your whole life from start to finish, would you change things?” Ian “maybe I would say what I feel more” and then he does (he’s a mathematician we knew he was a fast learner ;).

So yes it’s a movie but very clever at depicting our biggest problem on earth is our communication without thoughtful meaning and heavy in fear.  Dreams/visions/epiphany bring us to view higher perspectives so follow them so you can “ARRIVE” at the right Delineation.

Personal Example this Month (KNIGHT OF FIRE): I had a dream about a friend I used to work with and in the dream she has an injury on her face and comes to me (FACT: I’m the caregiver at work) I offer her medical attention and fresh band aid but I see in the distance a man standing on a streetlight up high, he’s wearing a uniform yellow (I feel he’s a fireman or man of service “feel” is dream language -it’s key to translating) I understand he’s fixed it out of goodwill and he’s not looking for credit either. He then flips backward off an old fashion streetlight on skis onto snow and takes a small jump to leap onto a horse like a cowboy at full speed.  My friend and I are weakened in the knees DAMN. I wake up.

Hillarious right! I felt (signal for DO IT) the need to check up on her as the face scrape bothered me. I text her and well let’s just say I forewarn her that either her or I; or both have one amazing man who’s gonna light us up heading in the vicinity by Winter pay attention! Let’s see!

In reviewing the dream maybe he’s fixing what’s broken because it’s the right thing to do and maybe that why he’s standing higher (higher ground). Yellow is leadership, solar plexus personal power, Snow is renewal and the knight on a horse is to me, hotter than a cowboy and therefore in Tarot it means FAST moving it’s unexpected, could be just a brilliant idea too. That’s my Heptapod translation for: Make sure you notice the good of man and the reward is yours!


Oh my he's wearing YELLOW!

OH MY! he’s wearing yellow!


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